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TER Discord / Skype

Postby Kilaana » Mon Nov 16, 2015 3:46 pm

You can get in touch with us via the following channels:

Discord (best option)

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Re: TER Skype/IRC Channel

Postby Loreweaver » Wed Feb 03, 2016 4:37 pm

We're offering two Skype channels at the moment. One is unmoderated and intended for general bonding and nonsense. You may go on about a variety of topics, as long as general courtesies are respected. The other is specifically meant for TER-related topics and will be moderated. TER's staff unfortunately lacks the time to keep up with vast amounts of largely irrelevant text, and by splitting the chats we hope to make it easier for ourselves to focus on what's important.

The moderated chat comes with a number of rules. Please follow the moderators' instructions and respect their decisions.
Moderators can answer questions regarding the rules, will help keep the chat on-topic and may issue warnings, temporary and permanent bans. If you get kicked, you will be told for how long this is. If you feel moderators are making harmful decisions, you may approach TER staff about it through the forums.

Conversation is to takes place in English. We cannot moderate foreign languages, so these are not supported. You will be expected to use clean language and be respectful and constructive in your communications. Flaming, badgering, spamming, trolling and so on has no place in the chat.

The chatroom is meant for TER-related topics only. This does not include bug reports and suggestions, which are handled through the forum. It does include lore and mechanics related questions, attempts to form a party and urgent requests for DM assistance. Character build advice can be sollicited but is best discussed in a private conversation. As much as possible, avoid giving away spoilers.

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