Happy 2nd Anniversary, TER!

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Happy 2nd Anniversary, TER!

Postby Kilaana » Sat Oct 08, 2016 7:00 pm

Dear players,

Happy 2nd Anniversary!

October marks the month when the server finally emerged from its Beta stage two years ago. Since then, many a tale and adventure has been told, and a few new faces have dared to stay. Over time we came to realize that we have carved ourselves a niche in the NWN community that comes with what some say is a steep learning curve, but we take pride in offering something new within a decades-old engine. We aren't professional game developers, just a tiny group of ordinary people who came together out of love for immersive roleplay, meaningful storytelling and a desire to see how we can press NWN to new limits in how it has been perceived.

In May, TER saw its first large-scale event that had its consequences ripple server-wide: a day that has come to be known as the 7th of Mirtul. This event had been months in planning by the DM team, in an effort to bring about a permanent change to what was already a rather stable canon setting. This was to offer players the opportunities to affect the world, each in their own way and in their own time. It was an event that would have its after-effects linger so as to keep it grounded in its own harsh reality, so that even the smallest rewards reaped later would have their value worth more than their weight in gold.

Other notable events, such as the player-organized sessions initiated by Holy_Rage, have also helped shaped the server in terms of bringing player characters together, giving each their moment to shine and to get to know one another, even if in the end it only served a dwarf's goal. This ongoing tale of ambition has been key in the development of several characters on the server and is still a fond in-character subject of discussion today. Other events like Dawnbringer Artemis d'Assanthe's housewarming party, and Midsummer celebrations bring the spirit of server community together and give great reasons for characters of every alignment to meet and greet. These are just a few examples of how players can help other players with marginal DM assistance.

TER has been incredibly fortunate to have a team that shares in its vision of what it should, and can, be. To serve as a DM and a member of the team often means foregoing the growth of one's own characters, one's own play-time to help in the development of others and the module. It's a job that often goes unsaid, many in the team prefer to withdraw behind the curtains to allow centerstage to their players. Others work solely in the toolset to deliver the dungeons you visit each week, consistently work to improve the challenge of mobs and the balancing of loot, tweak the game's code, and spend extra time considering how to work quests around player characters.

We hope that you'll continue to call TER home for the next year to come. With that said - catch you in game!

On behalf of the team,
- Kilaana
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