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Player Requests Information

Postby Obsidian Sea » Mon Feb 01, 2016 1:01 am

Hello everybody!

Behind the scenes, the team has been working hard to improve parts of our infrastructure. We hope this will help us to deal with player requests.

Your characters are the heroes, anti-heroes, and sometimes even the villains of The Easting Reach. Whatever their motivations were for arriving in Impiltur, and/or participating in combatting the dangers there, they leave their mark in many ways upon the kingdom: sometimes it is small, slight, incongruous from the day-to-day, and sometimes it is more than that. Whatever the case, the DM team would be remiss if we weren't giving you the opportunity to attempt these actions.
Kilaana wrote: We urge you to contact us as DMs and tell us of what you would like to do with your characters and shape the world around you. We want you to grab your sword, your friends and your enemies and be the actual heroes, villains and sidekicks of your story. What we can provide without your input is limited, because we are not the protagonists nor are our NPCs, you all are. Do not be afraid to ask questions and message us about your character’s actions, do not assume what you can and cannot do in RP, based on what happened on a previous server or any other encounter.

In the end, we simply ask that you come and talk to us, be motivated to see your goals done. Even if you do not know how to complete your goals, you can talk to us and we will work with you. If you feel self-conscious about asking for a DM's time for your own benefit, you may like to consider arranging events for the benefit of others' characters instead.
So here is what you'll want to know:
  • In order to streamline the direction in which these requests go, please send them to me, Obsidian Sea. From my inbox, they will be relayed to the rest of the team in a place where we can discuss the possibilities and delegate the responsibilities necessary to make things happen.
  • Try to keep an open mind: it is unlikely that you will ever get exactly what you requested. There would be no fun in simply being handed something, after all. We will take your desires into account, and incorporate elements of your aspirations with our creativity, and to the best of our ability ensure that the end product will be all the more rewarding for you because of that process.
  • Please understand that although we are eager and glad to take your requests, this cannot always be dealt with imminently, nor made our immediate priority. Every character has a story, but it is not possible for the DM team to tell every story at the same time, and they do not comprise the entirety of the stories we intend to tell on The Easting Reach. We do not wish to sacrifice quality for the sake of expediency.
  • You do not need to have sent a player request to have our support for your stories: you do not need an explicit purpose in order to experience server opportunities. We want to acknowledge the entire community, and you might still be involved in any number of stories during your time spent upon The Easting Reach. Furthermore, it is worth remembering that other characters on the server may require your help to make their dreams achievable. No man is an island.
Also, regarding opportunities to check in with the DM team and speak about your character, we intend to schedule these for every PC once they reach level 5, and level 8, but we are getting to know your characters all the time: the intention is not to make you feel you must rush to these milestones, but to give us time to get to know you by other means before we sit down and get the juicy details! :)

Just like player requests, check in chats are not an obligation. This is an optional opportunity to tell us just exactly who your character is, and how they have experienced the setting, and how they feel going forward.
  • If your character has reached level 5, you are invited to inform Poisonous, who will arrange an opportunity for you to speak with a member of the team.
  • If your character has reached level 8, please send a message to my account, Obsidian Sea, and we can arrange a time to talk about your character.
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