Out of the Crucible, a Fire - 200 Word RPG Challenge

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Out of the Crucible, a Fire - 200 Word RPG Challenge

Postby Holy_Rage » Wed Apr 26, 2017 10:17 pm

Out Of The Crucible, A Fire
Taylor LaBresh

It’s been a long road
Getting from there to here.

Rod Stewart, “Faith of the Heart”

Gather friends around a firepit, and enough firewood to last about an hour.

You are a party of adventurers from your favorite Fantasy RPG, fresh off a dungeon crawl. You decompress around the campfire before going to sleep. Play as a standalone game or debrief in character after a longer gaming session.

It will be too dark to read character sheets, so envision your character in your mind instead. Who are they, what is their role? Choose iconic phrases or images.

As you light the campfire, talk with your party: what was your mission? How do you feel about your teammates?

Talk about one event at a time, add details, ask questions. What about the dungeon confused, surprised, scared, or empowered your character?

Praise your teammates for things they did to help, offer constructive criticism on how they could improve, place blame for their mistakes.

Any time conversation slows or the fire dims, add another log and change the subject.

When you run out of wood, let the fire die as your characters fall asleep.

Current PCs:
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