Wynna's Research and Routines - A Hands-on Pursuit

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Re: Wynna's Research and Routines - A Hands-on Pursuit

Postby Ostheim » Fri Apr 05, 2019 8:36 pm

Following an enlightening discussion with an elvish bard, Wynna has re-focused her historical study into the past of the Elves in the Impiltur region along another track - she now mostly seeks to figure out what the current consensus is regarding their history, and what conclusions local historians have come to. Finding any information would be helpful in this regard, as she pores over her Histories volumes and other such documentation.
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Re: Wynna's Research and Routines - A Hands-on Pursuit

Postby Loreweaver » Sun Apr 07, 2019 6:05 pm

An initial examination of the resources readily at hand reveals three facts most scholars seem to agree on:

- In the early years of the city, Lyrabar saw frequent trade from elves, dwarves and Nar alike. Various sources refer to the Silver Arrow Pact, which allegedly recognized an elven realm's authority in the Grey Forest around the time.
- The charisma and cause of Imphras the Great were so significant that elven forces mustered to fight by his side. It is unclear just how many elves fought the hobgoblins, but 500 is the most repeated estimate.
- There are multiple accounts of a member of Impiltur's royal family marrying an elf or half-elf, running from the Mirandor dynasty to the present day. The sons of Delmatha, who are presently amongst the Lords of Imphras II, are the most recent and living proof of this.

There is less consensus about the importance of Aglarond and its Yuirwood in the affairs of the realm, but it is known that Rilimbrar sought his allies there. The status of the major woodlands as home to present-day elves is also a topic of dispute.

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