Towards Tregorian's Gate - Part 2

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Towards Tregorian's Gate - Part 2

Postby Toros » Sun Feb 19, 2017 4:55 pm

Obsidian Sea wrote:There has been a perpetual peril in the lowlands, though as The Time of Flowers passes into Summertide, a faint brush of warmth has infiltrated its way upon the yet-wintry winds that cry snowdrops as tears over the roads and the farms. Tireless work has been done to secure the area, and though Impiltur seems forever plagued by some danger ready to take advantage of the absence of the last, Sarshel has finally returned to a state of somewhat-security which allows for the Warswords to turn their attention once more to their goals elsewhere - high in the mountains.

Alorn Jerek, Paladin of Ilmater, might return to his quest to crush the Hobgoblin power in the Earthspur Mountains, the heart of which appears to be at the place known as Tregorian's Gate. Research has been done to assure the historical significance of the location, but alas there is uncertainty as to the final chapter of humanity's involvement with the keep owing to what was lost in the Interregnum. The events of 7th Mirtul still throw dark shapes into the corners of one's mind; the all-consuming significance of the disaster might have given opportunity for the powers that live in the mountains to reorganise, and prepare for something. An invasion? Or to solidify their hold in the mountains? Perhaps the latter had already been achieved, though Jerek, his wife, Kelda Adler, and their allies had done much to give cause for concern among the Hobgoblins. Regardless of their erstwhile occupations, there is little doubt that the demihuman force that claims territory in the mountains will not easily be claimed. The Warswords must be ready; and so too shall brave adventurers and unlikely heroes, whom the Alorn knows must play their role in order for there to be any hope of victory when the battle is brought to Tregorian's Gate.
It had been the greater part of a year since Jerek's attention had turned to the abandoned fort nestled in the mountains. Battles had been fought, friends and allies died, and the kingdom suffered the grip of an extended and unnatural winter. The Demon of the 7th returned in fury to Sarshel, and brought an army such as had not been seen since Sarshel Elethlim drove back the Scaled Horde. In the following weeks, the temple of the Triad, tainted by demonic energies has been cleansed, at great cost. But the path of a paladin is a patient one, and not meant to be easy. With Ilmater they would endure.

Jerek stands atop Sarshel's sturdy walls, cloak flapping gently with a breeze that still carries a chill. He looks to the northwest, both laugh and frown lines starting to etch in his otherwise youthful face. The last year might have aged him five, and he felt keenly the weight of duty as a Paladin, a father, a citizen, and a soldier.

Before him, in his mind's eye, Jerek sees ogres, hobgoblin, bugbear and worse standing in his way, brandishing weapons and gnashing teeth. Already steps had been taken to prepare, gathering allies and forging alliances, and there may be more yet to secure. But Jerek trusts in the men and women he has fought alongside, and has seen the strength of Impiltur's people and the tenacity of the Theskan refugees. Each would have a part to play in reclaiming another bastion of safety and order from the dangerous wilderness in which it slept. Either they would break, or the foes would. With Imater's endurance, Jerek liked the odds.

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Re: Towards Tregorian's Gate - Part 2

Postby Kerstman » Wed Mar 22, 2017 10:23 pm

Recently the Earthfast dwarf by the name of Unger, son of Rotu, has been sighted in Sarshel again and it did not take him long to learn of Jerek's plans for the mountain outpost. He makes little delay with delivering a message at the Adler residence that he'd like to discuss the plans and possibly offer his assistance.
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Re: Towards Tregorian's Gate - Part 2

Postby Obsidian Sea » Mon Apr 03, 2017 11:10 am

Travel into the Earthspur Mountains had been perilous. There had been folly in the going, perhaps, not least of which was a protective doubt for the companions taken thither at his side. Yet their parting ways had not served Aryen Caladras, quick to be the scorn of Hobgoblin arrows. Rather he than they, however, and if his skirmish had bought some time for the party that had taken an elsewhere direction, he would not regret the contest - one in which he was, temporarily, the victor.

But now he was in the Silverwoods again. He rose of his own accord, managed his own bandages and foraged his own food. The Silverwoods were a safe place - a reality in which he took a quiet pride. He remembered the days he discovered it. They had fought an Ogre then, and wolves were troublesome to the journey towards the forgotten Sunsong Spire. He remembered the hulking hound that had attempted to strike him down: now she was a close friend. And it was she, months later, whom he brought to the Silverwoods to speak with the fauna and aid them in their discontent. The Silverwoods were a safe place. But they were a questless one. From the western edge of the woods, Aryen could see the mountains rising high in intimidation of the lesser landscape sprawled all the way from Lyrabar to Laviguer below.

When next a message arrives for the benevolent Kaleb Meadowspoke at the Sunsong Spire, Aryen Caladras provides a letter to the same fellow that delivers. It is for the home of the Alorn, Jerek. Despite the attempts upon his life, the Ranger had reached Tregorian's Gate and made some estimations upon the place that the Paladin might be glad to know. The letter informs Jerek that it will be the Dalelander's intention to return to Sarshel at a time that coincides with the current mission that keeps the Paladin elsewhere. Reconvening, the Ranger shall provide his understanding of the landscape of Tregorian's Gate as well as his first-hand survey aided him acquire it.

It might not have been his quest, but it was a quest and a purpose nevertheless. Aryen Caladras was humble not to presume himself worthy of a Paladin's quests, but perhaps at Jerek's side he might have a chance to level the dangers in the mountains, and discover the could-be whereabouts of an old friend...
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Re: Towards Tregorian's Gate - Part 2

Postby Copper Dragon » Tue May 30, 2017 6:07 pm

The Ranger Aryen Caladras has had a long journey behind him; and the Ilmatari Paladin Jerek Adler had to wait long and patiently for his report - indeed, he had to wait long and endure uncertainties when it came to Tregorian's Gate.

The lands around the ruinous stronghold had been hard to reach during most of 1363 DR, Year of the Wyvern. It had been a year gnarled by long bouts of chill if not outright deep snows; there had been bugbears amassing in the mountains making passage more arduous; and there had been the terror that crashed into Sarshel's faithful heart, drawing away manpower from this task.

But no longer. Not this year. Not today.

Aryen Caladras obliged in scouting the area around Tregorian's Gate, and such things can be done with quick glances and swift leaps; but a Ranger is more than a mere scout. He knows the best odds are leant to the patient watcher. And watched he did...

OOC: A PM has been sent to the player with information about Aryen's findings. It also accounts for the long wait by giving more detail!
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