Unger mac Rotu - Aiding Clan Oridak

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Unger mac Rotu - Aiding Clan Oridak

Postby Kerstman » Mon Apr 17, 2017 12:15 pm

(( Warning. This post may contain spoilers about an IG location on TER. Read at your own discretion. ))

By chance, or perhaps not at all by chance, Unger and his two companions stumble upon the dwarven outpost of Clan Oridak. Even for a Child of the Stone it is hard to tell how long he and the human warriors Valroc and Godefroy have been passing through the Long Dark caves near the Vlasta region. The dwarf from Earthfast greets his kin and he is quick to explain that he and the two humans have no ill intentions against the clan and their outpost, yet he urges the humans to show respect and keep their weapons out of sight while they are guests.

The trio will not stay too long. They rest and resupply, but Unger is aware that Valroc and Godefroy have not seen any sunlight for a long time by human standards and they may long for such. In his mind the warriors have been of great help and much was asked of them already before the outpost was reached. The dwarf-visitor does not find rest in the tunnels of Clan Oridak. He is too surprised and relieved to meet so many of his kin. Only since he was last in Earthfast Unger saw such a number of dwarves in one place. He speaks business quickly and efficiently with one or several of the spokepersons of the outpost. He asks about their situation in general and in detail. Are they well equipped to deal with nearby threats? What threats are there they worry for the most? Do they have supply lines to either dwarven or human settlements and how safe are these or is the outpost surrounded and locked away? He also asks Clan Oridak specifically for any intel about the City of Earthfast and the presence of hobgoblins and orcs they know of. Lastly Unger pledges his aid in whatever manner he can. The offer is made in an open manner. All the Oridaks have to do is say what they need.
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