Easting Wilds - Wails under the Moonlight

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Easting Wilds - Wails under the Moonlight

Postby Dawnbreak » Mon May 08, 2017 1:21 am

Some in Outentown may have noticed, over the last few tendays, that the nights of the Full Moon, when Selûne is at her brightest and mightiest, frequently hold host to a distant, but a distinct keening; for nearly hours at a time, the faint, mournful singing of what many would presume to be a wraith or a banshee, echoing in the background of all their nightly activities, disturbing their sleep.

Those that would venture far enough out of the thaedar's reach to the south and west would see a blue dim light dancing about in a small vale, and distinctly hear the words carried upon the wind, and a lithe, dark-clad figure standing under Her light, singing with its gaze aimed skyward...

Mellonamin, Mellonamin,
Nu lle Arwen's me'a, lle esta,
Gurth-yassen lle, naa ilya he'vanim naa ten,
Mellonamin, Mellonamin,
Amin-aya, ndengina he'ten'lle, amin-aya,
Ten'he'me'a naa nothien avaene lle...

Those that would venture even further would soon lose sight of the singer, the form simply vanishing, abruptly ending its keening - though in its stead, an orb of blue light hovers over a gravestone that simply reads, "Thaelandriel".

The wraith kept to its mourning unabated at the climax of the Moon's cycles.

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