From Spring To Summertide

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From Spring To Summertide

Postby Obsidian Sea » Sun Jul 09, 2017 3:36 pm

It was a time of unprecedented peace for the people of Impiltur. The first Spring of two years brought white blossoms and the promise of bounty to the kingdom. The turbulence of recent history subsided beneath a layer of optimistic green that threw its carpets across the fields and valleys. The sun shone, though not so readily in this northerly place as upon those far-flung, southernmost nations of Faerûn. As time passed, only vague allusions were made to the trouble surrounding the remote village of Vlasta, where it is said the Undead rose in such numbers as though to forge their own community upon the bogs. But that did not happen. How strange it is still to think of how such an unassuming place could be so regularly troubled by such irregular things.

Not long before that, Vlasta had been the stopping point between Sarshel and the doomed town of Laviguer. Things go well there now. Laviguer is repaired, although more endowed with Theskan refugees and foreign figures than in days gone by. The people of our nation grow up learning the tales of our fight with the greatest of Evils. What happened in Laviguer was too recent; too painful for many of the surviving occupants to confront, and so it is a town transformed. Maybe, like the flowers of Spring, it shall be representative of a new chapter for the people of Impiltur.

Yes, the recent months have been peaceful. Even the travellers and sometimes-heroes of Impiltur are less seen. It is something, I think, to be glad for if it means that they have taken their rest and sheathed there blades. Though the battle against malevolence is a never-ending one, no man is without need of sleep and times of pacificity, lest he too become a weapon of malevolence himself.

Is this by any man more evidenced than by the one known as The Vlasta Slasher? In recent days, Merney Valroc has receded from the public eye. Regularly he is known to report to the barracks of Sarshel. The day might soon come where a mission is asked of him that will take his life - for it is, after all, a man's life that he owes to our nation. Meantime, I hope he has found reprieve from the violence that consumed his life, and he is more than the man beneath his armour than the armour itself of late. If such could be true for a man like he, then I must believe there is hope for us all to move beyond the traumas of our past; and of our nation's past.

The newly anointed Mother Kelda, known by her friends as Kelda Adler, works ceaselessly in her new appointment. She co-ordinates with the churches of Tyr and Torm to facilitate The Triad's complete spiritual renaissance in Sarshel. The Temple of the Triad, rebuilt, opens its grand doors once again, and although there is an added impression of austerity about that great building of stone, its past shall not displace its future. Those three Goodly Gods that have countless times been the virtue of our nation make themselves a regular component of the daily life of Sarshel once again.

When last she was seen in the city of Sarshel, the resplendent Artemis D'Assanthe was foremost among the representatives of Lathander's church thereabouts. A figure much-loved by the community, she was the High Dawnlord - an unorthodox position to be held by a woman, and by a Half-Elf, but it is not the prerogative of The Morninglord's servants to fixate upon the obstacles that threaten their ambition, is it? Rumour has it that the Priestess has been sighted travelling The Royal Road to return to Sarshel after attending a Lathanderite summit in Tantras. No longer High Dawnlord, an announcement is anticipated at the official opening of The Halls of Prosperity where Sarshel may greet her as Dawnmaster, should she accept the position.

And what of Aleira Nemesk? Little is known of the whereabouts of Silvanus' servant, but I recall that old adage I heard upon The Moonsea, "absence makes the heart grow fonder" and know it to be true for the people of Outentown that await the completion of the Ranger's current mission and her subsequent return. Meantime, the stage is set for the training of local Rangers to protect the community in times of need. They are entitled 'The Nemeskan Rangers', and pray for their mentor's safety as they anticipate her return.

Nearby another Ranger goes missing, but it seems a sign of success and not one of sadness for the nation. As Laviguer repairs, caravans and migration along The Laviguer Road lessens. The outskirts become safe again, and The Ranger of the Laviguer Road slowly fades away. His disappearance was as quiet as his arrival. I wonder sometimes where his quest might have taken him, for when I speak to the caravaneers that he aided, even they never really could claim to know him, or his motivations. Time passes, and for those not used to frequenting that road or battling the dangers that settled nearby, the Ranger's presence might soon be forgotten. Last tenday, I received word that Aryen Caladras was sighted on the outskirts of Filur, at the side of the would-be Dawnmaster.

As peace coincides with the budding of new flowers and the brightening hues of the sky, the church of Sune mobilises once again. With safety no longer the imminent concern of the nation, time is made again to celebrate the joys of life that the people of our nation are foremostly taught by Sune. Rannie Marrinson and Vera Leuvaarden, Divine servants of Lady Love, co-ordinate with The Velvet Chantry in Songhall to spread the message of Sune's love across Impiltur once more. Many settlements host small festivals to celebrate life's beauty, including a culminating celebration in Sarshel to close the merchant faire that has reigned following The End of the 7th.

There are so many others that this quill fails yet to mention. Will there be time again in the future to continue the chronicles of the nation's unexpected heroes? I hope so. But will there be a reason for it? That is the question.

And I know in my heart that the time that trouble will come again looms. Even in the heat of the sun, with the worst of troubles behind us, I cannot shed the expectation of Evil's return. Even now, I hear the people of Midrikaul talking of a old legend; I see the clouds form in dark colours above the mountaintops; and I hear the leaves of the trees rustle like they are conspiring, or rumouring, when I pass the dense forests of our kingdom. Yes, I think there are many troubles yet to be fought. For now there is peace. For now there is quiet. I hope they enjoy these days as much as we, for it is the fate of our nation that such times are not meant to last...
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