The search of a lost Blade

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The search of a lost Blade

Postby OldGrouch » Sun Sep 24, 2017 10:21 am

On a late afternoon, as the sun slowly starts to set, a young man – by the looks of him from a high-born background – sets foot into Sarshel's census office. He explains he is the son of one Hror Bladesmile, the head of a wealthy merchant-family from Keczulla in Amn, who has recently arrived in Impiltur to stay with relatives.

While he seems to prefer avoiding the reason for not directly meeting with them, he seems quite courteous and is pleasant to converse with. He informs about whatever sum is necessary to look at the records concerning families related to house Bladesmile, migrations of any kind from Amn towards Impiltur, burial-records and particularly the families near Vlasta and Midrikaul interest him.

((OOC: I have a fair amount of information, or where to find it on the Bladesmile family, which I can provide or direct the staff to, if they wish it. If there is a want for more specific information about how Yago got here, his personal history or that with his family, or possible reasons for his being here, I am also more than glad to provide them.))

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