Tarsakh, 1364 DR

For out-of-game events, wrapping up in-game adventures and rumours.
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Tarsakh, 1364 DR

Postby Kilaana » Tue May 01, 2018 7:54 am

It is peacetime in Impiltur, for a nation bound in such secular traditions the past months of Spring seemed like an apt time for its citizens to bury the arrow that was shot in its heart during the EverWinter. It is with relief that the people return to their daily routine, even as work continues on the restoration of the Triadic Temple in Sarshel - an effort partly funded by Mother Kelda Adler and her husband, the paladin Ser Jerek of Ilmater.

The Dawnlord's Halls, led by one Artemis d'Assanthe, has also seen prosperity among its ranks as many flock to the city in hopes of new opportunities, and amongst them a number of distinguished folk from Telflamm whose pockets seek refuge from the Evgruth the Red, infamous commander of the pirate-fleet known as Sharkjaws, as word spreads that his threats have upended the merchant's council.

Rumours from the Dalelands have arrived via a merchant cartel entering Sarshel, who speak of the discovery of a lone, half-blind dwarf who had 'ambushed' them on the way to the city. He spoke in riddles and stank of dung, and bore a terrible wound that had eaten into the flesh of his face. When questioned further, he grew violent, such that none dared pursue him further.

DM's note: While there are several familiar faces on TER represented by our faithful players, it is impossible for DMs to determine what activities they are currently up to that could be mentioned here. Let us know if you would like to contribute.
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