Strange Sniffs

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Strange Sniffs

Postby Talisman » Wed May 30, 2018 1:00 am

Strange sniffs. That was what she was waiting for. Something that perhaps smelled of decay, of moist earth, and maybe a hint of arcane powders. Fortunately, it was easy to pick up, analyze, and track smells for a short-haired city stray (a form she had not adopted in some time, or particularly missed for how flea-infested Sarshal was), unfortunately, there was a dense miasma of smells to navigate in a city. It was easy for it to blur into odor's version of the color brown. A mix of so many individual smells that they lose their identity unless she trained her nose on one. Worse, she didn't have much to launch an investigation on: "Maggot man," that was what Allie called it. A powerful breaker of the cycle, and a wound in the Balance the Oakfather would want healed. If it exists.

She scritched at a foreign itch with a hind leg and tried not to think about fleas as the sun baked overhead. There was a seaward breeze, but the stone buildings kept its balming touch from the alley, so she relied on the shade provided by the same structures to observe the streets below in comfort. The alley seemed like the ideal place for sluething, for even if she did not catch the right smell she could people watch and eavesdrop without raising too much suspicion. There was only one problem...

"Hiss!" They were back. These alley cats fiercly guarded their territory, and didn't seem all too phased by a skinny mutt without a pack. Of course, it was mostly a show. A threat to fight if she didn't give up the shaded perch, but one that could probably be dispelled with a bark and a false-start. Instead she quietly got up and ignored them on her descent to the cobblestone street below.

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