Lost in the Wilds

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Lost in the Wilds

Postby Tailos » Tue Feb 12, 2019 4:34 am

He crossed one foot over his knee and wrapped his hands behind his neck as a cushion, swinging back onto the two legs of the chair. Glancing about the small standing room of the Shanty at his companions, he gave a small smile. A dishonoured knight, a falconer turned huntress, the stoic northman, and one excitable gnome – an eclectic mix indeed, he thought. And a good company to keep.

Though the day had started uneventful, a chance meeting just within the gates of Sarshel had ended much differently. Instead of heading straight for the tavern, the band had taken to the road to explore the countryside. Beyond the great cemetery (so recently expanded, it appears) and across field and plain, over hill and through gully. The walk was insightful, the terrain easy and conversation light. The goblin nest (so easily passed) had been a temptation, but even Dorn knew that it would be a misguided adventure, more so after the northman had taken a severe wound. Though the huntress’ keen eye had kept them from the worst of the trouble, they had instead turned back north. A small trail had led into the woods, a ford over a river and towards the abandoned village of Relgar.

Here they had sought shelter from the encroaching night. With winds touched by Auril, the bite of the winter cold sunk deep into their bones. Even his fur cloak provided little warmth. But a light near the shoreline provided the relief.

And there, the group found themselves for the price of admission was next to nought. Dorn reached out for an apple from the bowl – they had, after all, been told to help themselves – and bit into it. Conversation was mostly directed by the gnome; the stoic northman would say little and whatever he did say was difficult to interpret (he did have an odd dialect!); the huntress spoke more freely, stoking the embers of the conversation. Dorn, for his part, partook of the company. Much of the conversation was light – as with earlier that day – for the group were unfamiliar still.

As the sun began to rise and the Tears of Selune winked from the night sky, Dorn leaned back against the wall. His eyes, heavy from the night, closed. An hour of rest would do him well before the group would continue on into the wilds. Perhaps they would follow the directions back to Sarshal that morning, perhaps they would seek a more interesting path.

Though Dorn slept, he knew he was truly a free man again. He smiled.

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