Turning to one's Elders

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Turning to one's Elders

Postby OldGrouch » Wed Feb 27, 2019 12:35 am

Soon after the clouds that covered Sarshel chased all its citizens - as well as most of its outsiders - into the safety of their homes, taverns and inns, a lone figure rushes off out the city's gates. Only moments before, he delivered a young boy with a terrible wound to Ilmater's clergy, with specific instructions and proof that he is not to be healed through magical means under any circumstances, nor brought to any holy site.

The figure walks through the night and rain, and even though the thick fur-coat is keeping out the cold and wet, his breath slowly starts to grow more agitated, and his steps less even as the roads start to become more soggy.

As he arrives at the glade, the sun barely rising, he finally pauses to catch his breath. He waits by the glade's central-most tree and searches around for tracks, or any other sign of life besides the heartbeat of the forest and its inhabitants. Finding it empty, he decides to climb the nearest hill, calling until another predatory presence appears in the treelines.

In a tongue like rustling leaves and moonlight, he speaks to it. "Eldar, I humbly request your presence and your knowledge. Time is sparce."

As the sun starts above the treetops, a wolf rushes off into the woods.

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Re: Turning to one's Elders

Postby Holy_Rage » Wed Feb 27, 2019 10:39 pm

The boy is well received by an unusually taciturn, but obviously caring priestess of the Crying God and is quickly taken into custody, although the strange saviour of the boy and his instructions do more than raise a mere brow. The fellow is gently ushered away, reassured that only the best will be done for the unlucky child.
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Re: Turning to one's Elders

Postby Astral Fire » Sat Mar 02, 2019 6:51 pm

The Elder would receive the message only time later, having travelled in his feline form to Vlasta in order to find Elis and to ask her aid in order to face the threat.
When finally birds and trees will tell the young's man tale, the elder would be among the mountains, trying to contact the local druidess as soon as possible to return with her to the glade.
The night breeze will carry an acknowledgment response among the tree fronds directed to Sarshel and the young man.

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