The Temple of the Triad

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The Temple of the Triad

Postby Kilaana » Wed Mar 27, 2019 11:21 am

((Though it is difficult to depict the rebuilding process of the Temple in-game in its entirety, the below summary should be assumed that this activity has been continuing for at least a year and a bit more.))

The Temple of the Triad in Sarshel, the divine cradle of this insular kingdom, has seen a burst of frenzied activity as the last stones are set in place to mark its rebirth after the horrors of 7th of Mirtul. Rumours abound as to how a project of such scope could be rebuilt with such speed from the ground up, but some say that with such a divinely-bound project under the supervision of Sulnar Sameravyn, Chief Architect of the Threespires Laern, perhaps miracles would be possible.

Wielding the growing, and already widespread, influence of the Ilmateri arm of the church, Mother Kelda Adler has been assigned as head of the temple's affairs following the passing of Haron Aulenbryn, Abbot of Tyr. Tributes from all over the land have poured forth in an effort to restore what is sacred in the hearts of all Impiltur - from the extravagant marble sculptures commissioned by the nobility to the humble offerings of the poor, who form nearly half of the voluntary hard labour, and who supply linen woven by their own hands, there is no shortage of outpouring of support for a nation eager to see Sarshel's cornerstone restored.

In the coming days, the doors of the Temple of the Triad will welcome again those who seek its solace.
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