Sarshel - Some New Beginnings (Equinox 1366 DR)

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Sarshel - Some New Beginnings (Equinox 1366 DR)

Postby Copper Dragon » Wed Mar 27, 2019 7:38 pm

Kilaana wrote:
Wed Mar 20, 2019 3:14 am
Among the localfolk seeking to celebrate the warmth & lifegiving joy that the Morninglord's worship brings, several notable people are also in attendance:

Lady Lorraine Starsunder, wife of Lord Rylos Starsunder, tells her visiting relatives of her intention to attend the hymnal session, and thereafter seek an amulet with the Morninglord's blessing for her daughter Yannika, who has been recently been awarded a mage's scholarship to the prestigious academy in Songhall. Outraged that his very bloodline should deny him powers of the Weave yet bestow him with a prodigy for a daughter, Rylos himself has refused to partake of the revelry with his family.

Among those who have found shelter within Sarshel's walls following the aid efforts led by Mother Kelda Adler of Ilmater in 1364DR, some refugees from the war-scarred land of Thesk have taken upon themselves to wait outside the domed Halls. When offered entry, they would refuse, and instead appear content to listen to the sounds of singing and of Lathander's words from his priestess.

A representative from House Doventh, of the township of Bexshaw some several miles from Outentown, would appear at the Halls before the ceremony of song begins. He comes bearing a large bouquet of yellow, glossy-petalled lilies of the exotic variety - only found in warmer climes - as well as a letter from Lord Ilkin Doventh himself, purported to be a personal invitation for Dawnmaster d'Assanthe to his estate.

Several local merchants and tradesmen are also in attendance. One of these is the leatherworker, Mondast of the Barking Needle, in Sarshel's Old Quarter. He comes solemn-faced, with his cap held in his hands. He is seen to be standing at the very back of the crowd against a wall, and though he remains tight-lipped throughout the singing, he waits till every last visitor has left before approaching Dawnmaster Artemis with a quiet word of thanks for her assistance in relaying his recently-deceased nephew Tondyn to the Ilmateri for a proper burial.
Yannika's Gift
It was commonplace to request an amulet in exchange for tithes, for certain, just as it was to seek crystals filled with Lathander's invigourating light, or water sparkling with the god's youth and renewing purity. Some come to Dawnmaster D'Assanthe to have a newly signed contract blessed, others to receive a pouch full of perfumed asters, Lathander's holy flower, to fill their new home with the promising scent of hope.

But Lady Lorraine Starsunder's request has the Dawnmaster surprised, and then she would laugh warmly with a hand-gesture of apology. She'd confide in Lady Lorraine (or her servant, whoever was that approached the priestess) that once, she had come from a country where the Arcane was strictly supervised, if not persecuted. In those days of living there she was a lesser version of herself, thinking little of the good that the Arcane good bring. Since then she has long learned that the Arcane, too, is mighty, and a pursuit full of wonder and responsibility. She'd reassure Lady Lorraine that Yannika was blessed to be born to a caring and proud mother, and to a caring and proud nation; and that she was certain with perseverence Yannika would learn great things. With a warm wish and a glowing blessing indeed, Dawnmaster D'Assanthe offers an amulet to fill Yannika's soul with vivacity, creativity and illumination on her new path.

Guests by the Doorstep
The Dawnmaster would welcome the three ragged travellers, along with Dawngreeter Lana Millner and others attending the Song of Dawn that morning. After a discussion that grew louder and bolder, they came to an agreement - that the three were not here for mere beggar's coin or pity, but for something more. Dawnmaster D'Assanthe claimed they needed a purpose, new tasks, a reason to look forward and high, rather than back and low, and Dawngreeter Lana stepped up to make clear that opportunities aplenty were in Sarshel: jobs, both a way to earn coin and to earn back a sense of direction.
((This was RPed out in game, thanks to DM Holy Rage.))

A Soaring Invitation
Lord Ilkin Doventh and his servant's appearance at the Halls of Prosperity was no doubt a boon that morning, and the Dawnmaster greeted them with the grace and courtesy that she was taught with; after the meeting, Artemis would look out for the written confirmation of the date and location of their next meeting. It seems she was not swooned during the morning encounter with the lord, instead stood straight-shouldered and collected, and reserved besides; but a smile ready to be flashed for the sake of etiquette. Perhaps a meeting again would melt her heart like snow in the spring sun? Or the lord's sated smile would turn sour if she did not give the answer he hoped for?
((The initial meeting at the Halls of Prosperity was RPed out in game, thanks to DM Holy Rage.))

Local Hands
When all visitors have gone, the Halls of Prosperity finally grows quiet, save for the trickling of the bright tall water fountains. The Song of Dawn has long passed when the double doors opened, and a lone figure entered, a shadowy contour against the light that came barging in from outside; a sunny day, for now. Not for the leatherworker Mondast, most probably, but when he came to speak his part to Dawnmaster D'Assanthe, she would have taken his hands in her own firmly and would have bowed her head. Even the brightest day knew its shadows.

The Lathanderite would have offered her sympathies, as well as her and the clergy's presence in Mondast's time of loss.
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