The Theskian Children's Fund

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The Theskian Children's Fund

Postby Jogglehog » Tue Dec 24, 2019 1:51 pm

The gnome half-mutters the words, again. The tone matches the light in his eyes, the expression of face: dim, bleak.
A whistles from just down the street, the gnome turns and sees the halfling's angered expression, an imploring gesture that also looks like strangulation.
He's louder this time, at least.

"Taking coin, coin for the children. Aye, the Theskian children. Refugees, aye. Please, think of the children of Thesk."

As wretched as he is, he does look away at the lie, come any eyes meet his, but he hasn't been doing it very long. The makeup the hin has applied to the gnome makes him look clownish, a mock parody of the creature he was earlier in life. Pallid complexion covers up, cheeks can be painted rosy, but his eyes are far away and tired.

He shakes his painted bucket, jingling the bells tied to it, just like he's been primed to, just says the words: "Coin for the refugees, poor children, homes ravaged by the endless horde. Aye, the poor children." Or close enough.

It is less dangerous than his previous racket, selling fraud jewelry to the fences of Sarshel. The crafting a small part of his life unchanged by strife and his failings, a little thing and misses it dearly. On closer inspection of his baubles, they gleamed as little as his eyes do now. The halfling had paid his bounties from the underworld, and thus for his life. Currently a continuing fee for her; he had made a lot of them.

The vague threats if he attempts to leave the city of Sarshel on his own, he takes in as dully as the rest of the world, little halfling or not. His short legs don't like travel afoot anyway. Those from the fences if he ever plies his trick and craft again... well, short legs don't swim well in the harbor, especially when bound in wet rope. So a boat is priced out and unavailable too, unless he's tossed out of it.

For someone in a position as beleaguered as his, that leaves only the halfling. Her scams are safer, if less profitable and he gets to keep some coin, nor she doesn't mind the days he doesn't show up. Just so long as he makes up for them and isn't... too strung out.
He does still want to live.

But he does sometimes miss the crafting.

(This is Eshani Shadeheart's hired merc, Gervi Thinbrov, aka 'Badger 3'. I took a little liberty with how I exactly I hired him, if that's okay.

This is a little street grifting, trying to do something criminal for my rogue, but keeping it currently small and under the waterline. Hopefully out of notice of the law or any other criminal elements. A fraction of the "fund" might even go to the right people, someday.
But, maybe the start of a little gang.)
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