Kelda - Duty & Porridge

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Kelda - Duty & Porridge

Postby Poisonous » Fri Jan 29, 2016 2:59 am

For years Sarshel has known the hand of Sister Kelda--first as a Theskan refugee, then as an adventuring healer, and finally as a priestess of the Crying God in her own right. Some might remember the days when she carried a whip and wet herself in her own blood, others might only remember her once she stepped into the official church and its orthodoxy. She is a common sight in the docks, these days: working tirelessly to see to the needs of the poor and the refugees (many of them her own people, refugees from the violence in Thesk).

A collection of the acts of Kelda Adler
1. Marriage is hard work.
2. A Rest that is not very restful.
3. Aid to the people of Farwater.
4. Eye on the sky...
5. Kelda opens a clinic in the docks.
6. A sermon on St. Shaleen.
7. Tending to the spiritual needs of Sarshel's poor and displaced.
8. The Greater Barghest is slayed.
9. A calm amid chaos.
10. A sermon on endurance and faith after the demonic attack.
11. A Sister's return
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Mother Kelda Adler, high priestess of The Crying God. Found in Kelda's Clinic & Sarshel City South.
Hedwithien Le'lewaluin, wanderer. Found in ???
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