Selaeno's Journal

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Selaeno's Journal

Postby Penegal » Thu Mar 09, 2017 5:46 pm

The Journal of "Selena"
First Entry

"I purchased an empty book to use as a journal. I've been told it might help me to write down my thoughts and experiences, and any memories I might recall. I certainly hope it does as I progress, but the only things I've come to remember are simple pieces that don't seem to make sense. Perhaps there's something wrong with them, with me. Everything may be jumbled and I'll never understand. I have so many unanswered questions that it is hard not to be frustrated, sometimes angry. I'm supposed to be optimistic, and I'm trying. At least I've made friends who have been invaluable to me, and kind.

Who is Saelion Solmaril?"

Second Entry

"If they are memories at all, then at least I have worked out something about them. But instead of making me feel happy, they make me worry. The symbol I saw, the word translated on that charm, for everyone around me it simply spells evil. The Zhentarim. What are they, really? What were they to me? I know it's foolish, but I hope that they aren't as bad as I've been told. I have to know, I have to find some book about them, something to help me understand.

I've been told multiple times now that I may not want to remember. 'This condition may be a blessing', they say. Perhaps, but how can I not seek my own identity? What if there's something I needed to do, or if someone is out there, waiting for me? Do I have a family? Friends? There are too many things pushing me to search, and nothing can hold me back. No matter what there is with me and the Zhentarim, I cannot be afraid."

Third Entry

"I keep seeing him. Everywhere. Ever since we went into that ruin. I haven't told anyone, I haven't even told Wynna. I don't want her to worry and think I'm going mad. At first I thought he was real, he just looked so real. But circumstances showed me he wasn't, and I felt foolish for it. Is he a ghost, or am I truly losing my mind? He couldn't be mistaken for anyone else, this I know. I haven't seen a single person that I can recall who makes an impression like that. Saelion Solmaril. Zhentarim captain. WHO IS HE TO ME?"

Fourth Entry

"Wynna and I went to a grand hall of knowledge in a place called Songhall, yesterday. She wanted to find something on this cult we encountered traces of in that ruin some days ago. The place was so grand and filled with light, and books beyond counting. I couldn't help but be fascinated and overwhelmed by it. Wynna and I spent hours searching for clues, and we found a pair of books that may lead somewhere. I hope so, for the things I saw in the underground were horrific. Whatever can be done to stop them, I want to see done.

While we were in this library, I decided to look for something on the Zhentarim. It took a while, but there was one, "The Black Network". Thanks to Wynna's extreme generosity, I was able to rent it. I'm not sure what I will learn, but I want to know all there is. Maybe I will remember something."

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