Quail Eggs

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Quail Eggs

Postby Ember Moon » Fri Apr 28, 2017 1:23 pm

The breeze brushed past the branches of early spring,
In a forest so dour,
Where even roosting is a hard task to keep,
An excited chirp in the morning hour,

Their younglings, their shells about to crack,
The mother, father, birds of a quail
A family to keep to,
Look! Even a tail,

Though the breeze had a different plan,
The last of winter's storms went a-brewin',
A wind, a gale, a blizzard,
The eggs in one side are accruing,

Mother, father, birds of a quail,
Both hurried to keep their younglings in, safe,
Though the storm had a different plan,
An egg was to fall, against all faith,

In its speedy descent,
The shell took to breaking,
The youngling would screech,
A lost soul in mourning,

The nests in the forest, the roosts and their hidings,
All were still, in fear of the hail,
Though, one crow flew in the darkened shadow,
Its wings working in tandem with its tail,

With speed, and haste,
It clutched the quail egg, talons braced,
Though not afore its cracks nearly collided with earth,
Did the crow save the shell,

Flying back to its awning,
The weak chirps of the crippled,
Heard, so easily sound,
Yet the crow kept its flap, determined,

To the other side of the forest,
The two together flew,
Where the youngling quail erupted from its shell,
Its tiny wings outstretched, broken, and frail,

Though the blackbird had a different plan,
And it kept the broken one safe,
Losing no hope nor caring for aught,
It would see the young one to a new nest.

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