Hafsteinn's Toll

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Hafsteinn's Toll

Postby EventHorizon » Thu May 18, 2017 11:32 pm


"No. I'm not even comfortable saying it to myself."

That is why they call him by that name.

Do your duty, and regain your honour.

He wears an annoying tin bell which wrangles and tingles around his neck.

Never does he take it off, even when stripped naked and forced.

"I am honour-cursed."

Struggle for forty years and die in battle a celebrated hero for the honor

and shame of your clan, for you are disgraced.

The man's face is already worn with age, past his youth but not to the

loss of his vigor.

He promised, and he let them down. He disappointed us. He did not live up

to his honorable word. Now you will win back his righteousness through


His physique is tried and true, heavy with experience. But his form is wilted and burdened.

Tinsteinn inn Lági

Tinsteinn the Low

Prepare to bear the toll.


Undeserving of his own name. But he would die striving for Valhalla's glory or be cast into hellfire. Maybe then he could shout his name.

Hafsteinn inn Rakki!

Hafsteinn the Tall!
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