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Aerendur's Last Patrol

Posted: Thu Jan 28, 2016 12:49 pm
by Brindisium
When they called me to the temple and told me they needed me to track down the missing daughter of an illustrious member of the Church it had seemed important.

“Someone with your skills and your experience would be well suited to the task” they had said.

Now that I’m here it feels like what it probably was - a kind way of retiring me. I suppose every Paladin has his day. When I look in the mirror there is a different person looking back, a more careworn, more grey haired older brother perhaps. With bad knees.

I’ve met a few people and started the search though - obvious places where Sasha might have gone in her early days here. No luck so far and I’ve suffered the ignominy of being bitten by rats and falling in the mud.

The people I’ve met all seem so young, except Master Azarbuzlar. It's hard to tell with a dwarf - his beard was impressive though. Maera, Wynna, Westin and Franz - Westin and Franz were Paladins. I found their company difficult but I realise why now: they remind me far too much of how I used to be. Although I hope I didn't have a stick quite as far up my behind as Franz.

It is difficult to admit that I am out so out of shape, mentally and physically, that all I could do was hold a torch and throw darts at the shapes in the darkness. Come to that my eyes aren't great these days either.

I owe it to her father to find her. Perhaps afterwards, with your blessing My Lady, I’ll take off my armour, buy a small holding and take up pig farming. For now I have a job to do and it starts with remembering my oath.
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Tenets of the Faith

Posted: Thu Feb 09, 2017 1:06 pm
by Brindisium
The Knights of the Mystic Fire - The Tenets of the Faith

The Weave is the body of The Lady of Mysteries, the Goddess of Magic. She has dominion over the Magic worked throughout our world.

The Weave is the conduit spellcasters use to channel magical energy for their spells, both arcane and divine.

The Weave is the fabric of esoteric rules and formulas that comprise the Art (arcane spellcasting) and the Power (divine spellcasting).

Remember always that Magic is the Gift of the Lady and that those who can wield it are privileged. Seek out and aid those who love Magic for itself, not just as a ready weapon to reshape the Realms to their will, for in loving Magic they worship Her. Help them to understand the Art and learn how best to wield it, but not when the price is paid by others.

Punish carelessness and recklessness in the unleashing of Art, for Magic is great power, and it brings with it great responsibility.

Ensure that magical creation is shared and lives on in the Art. Those who succeed in this are most favored in the eyes of the Lady and will serve her beyond death as beings who have become one with Magic.