Songs From Afar

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Songs From Afar

Postby blatob » Fri Mar 08, 2019 10:54 pm

There is notice posted in several places of the city, on the square, by Kingfisher in the harbor and in the well situated district in the south part of the city.

" For the Benefit of few viewers and Sarshelian audience, let it be noted that, after performing in City of
Splendor itself, Baldur's Gate, Arabel, Suzail and Songhall, the famous

Alistair Dryden Goldmouth

will hold performance in Sailor's Star establishment in our own city!!!

The performance will begin in eight hour of evening of tenth day in the week.
The entry fee is twenty five Sardils, to be pay at the entrance of the establishment."

OOC: This Sunday, 10th, in 20h or later.

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