Laviguer's Lament

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Laviguer's Lament

Postby OldGrouch » Fri Apr 19, 2019 8:30 am

Despite the season, there was a chill to the air. Lathanders’s efforts did little to warm the unfortunates as they walked southwards, some feeling as if the cold bars of the wagon surrounded them still. While the sun’s rays shone through the canopy upon their skin, their cold was one from within, formed through fear and uncertainty.

Most had heard, but not heeded the warnings that reached their ears through tavern-talk, and now official posters and criers at most major city gates as well. The attack had been sudden, for most. The lucky ones trampled underfoot, escaped, or killed. Those that survived were captured, loaded on wagons like cattle, and taken into the hills. Most had lost hope then and there. And none had dared to hope their nightmare would come to an end, but end it did.

Through steel, guile, and courage did their rescue descend down into the dungeon that had held them. Mortal wrath cutting down scores upon scores of hobgoblins. And to freedom they were delivered, where word soon began to spread that over a dozen men and women had been rescued from enslavement. Before long, a dozen had turned to two, then three, and soon a hundred were believed to have been rescued.

Some claimed it a noble deed by a knight and his squire. Others believed it to be mere mercenaries and hunters, three in all. A few even said ‘twas a troupe of murderers and thieves, but that only such evil could combat the menace that are the hobgoblins.

Truth succumbed to talk, as it often did, but all knew Garmin was suddenly more busy than he had been in months, though the priest remained silent as the grave. None failed to notice the Warsword patrols, passing through Outentown to the roads leading north, nor the notices that went up soon after.

Beware the roads leading north from Outentown. Hobgoblin sightings and attacks increased along the Laviguer Road, travelling alone or unguarded is ill-advised. By the grace of Lord Sulyim Nassour shall a reward of up to ten Halanth be offered for information of hobgoblin camps, their numbers or patrol-routes.

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