Character Builds and the Wiki

Info about the module's various systems, including classes & skills.
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Character Builds and the Wiki

Postby Loreweaver » Mon Nov 16, 2015 2:27 pm

When building your character you have a lot of freedom, but there are still a few rules to follow and some things to keep in mind.

If you want to play a character with an Evil alignment, or a Divine character like a Paladin, Priest, Druid or Monk, please send a PM with a character application to Kilaana or Loreweaver. These characters are going to be under closer scrutiny and/or regulation from Impiltur's major organizations than others, and we'd like to be sure your concept will not run into unexpected obstacles.

Prestige Classes
Characters may only take one Prestige Class each. No applications or DM quests are necessary to unlock them. Please be aware that with the present level 8 cap, you will be unable to take the last two levels of a PrC.

Divine Classes
Characters may only take one Divine class each (counting Paladins, Priests, Druids and Monks). Their level in this class must always be equal to or higher than half of their total level. Shifter levels count as Druid levels for this purpose and Triadic Knight levels count as levels in Paladin or Priest.
You may multiclass into a divine class later on instead of starting out with it, as long as you can get 4 levels in it by level 8. If you do, you can take no levels in other classes until your Divine class level makes up over half of your total level. You will also have to submit a Divine character application at that time (see above).

There are no other multiclass restrictions.

Skill points
You are allowed to save skill points to spend at later levels.
If you're multiclassing, that can be benificial if a skill is a cross-class skill for one of your classes (costing 2 points per rank) and a class skill for another class (costing 1 point per rank). In standard NWN, you can buy (level + 3) ranks whenever a skill is a class skill, or half that whenever it is cross-class. Please be aware that TER calculates the maximum based on all your levels, rather than just the current one.

For each level in which a skill is a class skill, a character can have 1 base rank in it (4 at first level). For every level in which a skill is a cross-class skill, a character can have 0.5 base ranks in it (2 at first level). Half points are rounded down.
As a result, a multiclassed PC might not have as many ranks in a skill as a single class PC. But they do have a wider selection of skills they can buy ranks in for class skill prices.

For example, Intimidate is a class skill for Fighters and Wizards, but not for Rogues. A Rogue (6) can put 2 + 2.5 = 4 points into Intimidate. A Fighter or Wizard (6) can put 4 + 5 = 9 points into Intimidate.
A Rogue (3) / Fighter (1) / Wizard (2) can have an intimidate score up to 6 (2 + 1 + 1+ 2) whilst a Wizard (2) / Rogue (3) / Fighter (1) gets a maximum of 7 (4 + 1 + 1.5 + 1).

The module lets you know when a skill rank is too high and will allow you retake your level. You may want to do your own calculations however, because your starting class can have a profound impact on the Prestige Classes you can qualify for.

Attribute Points
There are no restrictions on how you distribute your attribute points.
Do keep in mind that characters risk losing an attribute point whenever they fall to -10 HP. This has several consequences for your character. First, characters are permanently dead if ever a base attribute drops below 4 so your attribute distribution may affect the time you have to avert such disaster. Second, you may fail to meet the attribute requirements for a feat you wanted to take, particularly if you only took the minimum number of points necessary. Third, having an odd number in an ability score can help keep your character at a consistent power level for longer. This can be particularly relevant for Intelligence, because restoring INT does not restore skill points you missed out on when gaining levels.
To some degree, losing attribute points is expected. It may weaken your character but doesn't necessarily render them unplayable. They can be restored through magic, but because of the expense it's unlikely to happen at low or even medium level. Try to plan accordingly.

Subraces receive no mechanical support on TER. Please note, also, that Aquatic, Underdark and Extraplanar-based subraces are not allowed at this time.

Many of the standard classes, skills, feats and spells you may know from NWN have been changed in some way and new ones have been added. You want to plan accordingly, of course, and for that your best source of information may be the TER wiki which you can find here.

Character creation
When you create a new character, your game won't load TER's hak files which means you won't be able to make a valid character. You can get around that by extracting the relevant files to your override folder. You may then find that TER's tlk file is not loaded either so most of your options look like gibberish. You can get around that by making a dummy character, logging out and going straight back to character creation.
Your other option is to use NWNCX to launch the game. This will take a few seconds to load the haks and tlk file when you log in to TER, after which you can create a character without further hassle. Sadly, even NWNCX does not allow you to select the Civilian base class at level 1. Please contact Kilaana or Loreweaver if you want to convert a character to a level 1 Civilian.

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