Customs - Virgina

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Customs - Virgina

Postby blatob » Mon Jun 06, 2022 9:36 pm

" It is an odd and for some dreadful custom in mountain villages and communities of Earthpsurs. As the women are considered to marry into a family, cutting the ties with their own parents, if the family is to have no surviving male heir, and in order to preserve the family name and ownership of the land and status in local society, one of the daughters would be raised from birth as a male child. "

"The gender of such person would be a secret, and he would consider himself a man, wearing the man's clothes and performing the roles of a man in the local community, including carrying the weapons and going to war. The community and the lord that owns the land would consider such a person a man, too, including the taxation lists."

"Celibacy was considered a norm, and, really, virginas would never marry for a man, but instead some would take a woman as a "spouse". As a rule it would be a widow with a male child, thus providing her with livelihood, and himself an adopted heir that would inherit the family possessions and name."

"It is interesting to note that, without an exemption, virgina would consider her lot in life superior to that of an ordinary woman, as men always had better position in society, and the life in the mountains was hard enough."

"Apart from this, the most numerous case, as I was assured, There are other instances when the women would take on appearance of a man. Most notably, in the cases when the male heir was not yet of age. Such role would be temporary one, and the woman would be able to marry afterwards."

Excerpt from the "Treatise Of Impilturian Folk Lore and Tradition As Told By Folk Themselves", Scribe Emphrain Grim of Thun, Sarshel, 1351 DR

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