Lathanderite Correspondence

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Re: Lathanderite Correspondence

Postby OldBear » Sun May 21, 2017 6:55 pm

A letter is left at the home of the High Dawnlord
To the High Dawnlord D'Assanthe,

I was passing through the city today and took the time to stop to see the worksite. It appears much progress has been made since my last visit. I spoke briefly with the new dawn guard stationed there. He seems to be an upstanding young man and will bring credit to the temple. However, the main reason I dropped this note off was to commend you on the hiring of Lon to act as the gardener there. He spent some time speaking your praises for giving one of his age something worthwhile to do again. It was both a noble gesture on your part and a stroke of brilliance. His touch with the plants growing there is truly remarkable.

Yours in the faith,


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Re: Lathanderite Correspondence

Postby Copper Dragon » Fri Mar 01, 2019 3:46 pm

Some letters leave the Sarshellan Old District, as they often might to emissaries, merchantfolk, Triadists and farther-off-faithful - but this time they are letters to a different kind of people; some might label them Adventurers.

The first is sent out to reach a Chessentan songsmith.
To my dear friend Marcellus,

Such a delight to hear the song of your presence, returning!
Truly it feels like spring is coming once again.
I'm yet here on the Easting Reach, though I often catch myself realising that Adventuring is now more a brimming promise out there than a reality I live day-to-day. I hope wherever you're coming from, and wherever you're going to, you have many wonderful stories to tell.
I myself underwent some change; some growth the past three years since we seem to have last spoken. Among other matters, you can now frequently find me at the Halls of Prosperity of Sarshel - the temple now baptised under Lathander's light, which I try to run as worthily as I can muster. Alas, this seems to be at the cost of my free time!
But if time you and I both have at one point or another, I would love to meet you.

Wishing you sun-kissed days and glory ahead,
Yours loyally,
~ Artemis D'Assanthe, Dawnmaster of the Halls of Prosperity, 27th Alturiak 1365DR.
The second letter is a darker one in news; it was received at Angel's Court 5, Sarshel, residence of one Artemis:
Dawnmistress, I need your wisdom, your knowledge and your consul. I have been witness to a series of disturbing events as of late. It began three weeks ago when I encountered a creature called an imp in an abandoned house just off the old quarter, apparently imp's are devilish creatures sometimes bound by evil mages.

That was followed by the harsh turn in the weather and the influx of Theskan refugees. The beds are full at the Illmatari shelter and twice I have seen lightning strike at Lord Sarshel's statue in Founders Square.

Then just days ago a small boy was brought into the shelter running a fever and breathing fast. Yet all attempts at healing magic have burned his skin like magical fire.

Finally last night just outside the walls in the eastern farms some kind of foul devil thing birthed from another plane, climbed out of the community well and savagely killed a shepard and a half dozen of his flock.

Thanks to the efforts of a Northman mercenary the beast was slain.
Surely his presence was a gift from the Morninglord.

I am hoping to identify what this Wellspurng demon was, where it came from, and what to do about it.

Lana Millner, Dawnbringer
To which the response is penned in a fluid feminine handwriting, and the letter is sealed with a rosey-gold wax seal to denote it as Lathanderite correspondence:
To Dawngreeter Lana Millner,

The days grow longer and brighter, but from your letter I see they cast long and dark shadows still.
Impiltur has a longstanding history with demons, even so recently as two years ago. I'm glad you were able to face these fiends, and that you had allies at your side, and advise that you cherish them. We're all much stronger in unity.

To that end, I also advise you to seek the alliance of the Triadic church - they are best acquainted with fighting demonkind and their blood. Much of what I know today about this foe comes from them, next to the experience I could gather first-hand, experience I'd share now.
Such fiends appear for one of three reasons: they were summoned by ritual; they were sealed away until just now; or they tore their way through to our realm after atrocities, torture, or corruption were fostered. In each case, it is imperative to Bless the location where they appeared so that no more of their kind can risk spawning. Bring with you holy water christened at sunrise, harvested aster blossoms, and salt, to perform the blessing. Moreover, do not fear to work in conjunction with other faiths in this: Lathander is a god mighty and unequalled in many aspects, but neither He nor we, His servants, can expect to solve all matters alone. We are only as strong as the bonds we nurture.

Furthermore, be prepared that such monsters of Realms Beyond are resistent to mundane weapons; magic and divinely sharpened steel will allow to cut through them. Further, they may resist the elements such as the hellfire they may have been born from, and some will wield powers that either poison your blood or your mind. Come prepared with prayers of protection against their Wickedness and mental wards.

For the young child I worry as well. He may have dark material coursing through him that is magic-resistant, or worse - cursed. Work together with the Ilmatari clergy - such as the skilled priests as Garrmin of Outentown or Teresa - and suggest to augur the source of whatever magic affects the child, and where its source is on his body. You may need assistance from arcane wielders for this. If it is his blood, you must needs attempt to transfuse it and purify it; but do not do so without utmost careful consideration and certainty that this is the source. If it is a curse over him, one must needs learn its source and if Removing the curse is an option, or otherwise breaking it. In this, a mage may be valuable help, such as the esteemed Lady Lori Peveril or any and all help you can gather in far-off Songhall.

Your message was forwarded to me with a courier's haste, and seeing its contents I fully understand why. I penned mine own reply in haste as well, though by no means in less care for this situation, nor with little confidence in your perseverence.

May the Morninglord's wisdom light your path and His strength fill your soul in this hour of need.

~ Artemis D'Assanthe, Dawnmaster of the Halls of Prosperity,
1st Ches 1365DR.
Artemis D'Assanthe, Dawnmaster
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