Sarshel - Confidential Correspondence

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Sarshel - Confidential Correspondence

Postby Kilaana » Tue Jan 31, 2017 3:09 pm

High Lord Starsunder,

May this missive find you in good health and spirits following news of Sarshel's victory over old foes. The time for celebration and for remembrance of those who gave their lives for the Kingdom has long been in coming, and on the road from Lyrabar to this fair city I could not help but allow myself a moment of reconciliation that it will be a lengthy summer before the winds of change come to touch our shores again. When last we spoke, it was in the company of your heir, Eaduin, for whose tenacity and sound advice have been the foundation of many a project together in matters of the law.

So it was that Eaduin spoke of the man Valroc upon my arrival. A poorer and piteous picture of a man I cannot imagine, tormented by an illness that plagues those who have seen far too much battle. I remember our first meeting - though I hold little affection for our northern neighbours, I cannot help but admire how quick they are to grasp an opportunity and make the best of it, with all they wear upon their backs. So too, did this man. There are no excuses for his crime, but the nation must not be too quick to forget his contributions to the end of the 7th. I have submitted the reports to the Council prior to this correspondence - in there you shall find details of Valroc's aid given to the defense of the Temple on the 7th, and of the Chantry in Songhall, and of the restoration of the hidden ritual circle at Laviguer which has returned to the country a valuable piece of its history. Upon speaking with Valroc, I have found him to be repenting, and persuaded to lay down his sword indefinitely. I fear that with the stage of trauma he suffers, only perhaps the work of the divine may be the balm to his torment if he is to be given leniency.

I urge you to consider every option available at your disposal that will offer this citizen the chance he deserves, for the torment he has suffered that is not plainly of his doing.

Ever in Her service,

R. Rulovic
Tenth House of Lyrabar, Canticus Round
31 Hammer, Year of the Wave
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