Ginny's Disappearing Skills

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Ginny's Disappearing Skills

Postby Talisman » Fri Mar 23, 2018 7:48 pm


For the longest time I've had problems with Ginny's Disable Device and Set Trap skills, and yesterday it got worse. Normally her Disable Device is at 18 and her Set Trap is at 15. Right now her Disable Device is at 11, and relogging isn't fixing it. Also for some reason before this happened, I'd always have 2 less on both of these skills when actually rolling. So my Disable Device acted as +16 and my Set Trap acted as +13. Don't get it.

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Re: Ginny's Disappearing Skills

Postby Loreweaver » Sun Apr 29, 2018 6:35 pm

This seems to be an issue where the skill synergy bonus shows up on character sheets but does not always translate to checks. It works for hardcoded activities like disarming a trap, but not for scripted ones like crafting a trap.

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