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Community - The Easting Reach 2016 - Your Moments

Postby Copper Dragon » Fri Dec 23, 2016 10:13 pm

Dear community,

With year's end so close, a major DM event just behind us, so many lovely new players having joined our ranks over the course of 2016 - it's high time to take a look back and enjoy what we're leaving behind.

2016 out there in real life has been eventful for me on a personal level, and of course on a worldwide scale. But even in our little corner of the world there has been plenty to reminisce about; plenty to be thankful for; plenty to have a good laugh with... or to shed tears over.

Here, you'll find my not-at-all-exhaustive list:
  • Jerek & Kelda's wedding. This was an intensive player-initiated event that I loved being a part of, as much as I'm a fan of weddings and PC get-togethers. Who remembers the feywine that got everyone piqued for some loving?
  • This thread. :lol:
  • Greengrass and Artemis' housewarming. Everyone danced at that housewarming party - even three Ilmatari! Well, perhaps except Jonan. There was also the party-crasher-turned-harp-carrier Hjalmar, and the great Marcellus of Cimbar for a bardic performance.
  • 7th of Mirtul: This is an obvious choice in the list of memorable events this year: a campaign-starter. It was a long ride that followed it!
  • DM'ing! In May this year I volunteered to join the DM team, and had the pleasure of hosting several quests. I'm not sure which one of those would be my favourite from this year. Old Man Yaromir, an elderly NPC, was perhaps the one I'll miss the most interacting through.
  • My PCs' discussions with Hróin. I hated and loved them.
  • That time when our PCs went through a series of magical puzzles and a tower and my PC had to wear a pink tutu. And we were almost crushed by moving walls. Best dungeon encounter ever. (Ever!)
  • That time we almost got butchered by orcs with Aryen. Okay; that's almost all the time. But I'll remember this particular instance very well!
  • That time all my PCs almost died to a Fireball at one point or another.
  • My PC's lovely wine sipping moments with Lori.
  • Artemis' reunion with Aryen after a long absence.
  • And so much more than the above - so many interactions with PCs and players, newcomers and old veterans, forum posters and in game poets!
Players, builders, DMs! If you have a minute to spare besides family and celebrations, do tell me:

What were your big moments on TER this year?

What made you laugh? What did you think was fun, tragic, scary, exhilarating, soothing, memorable?

And if you haven't the time or inclination to post here, I do hope the above points brought some memorable moments to mind for you, too. I would like to think that we have had an enjoyable, rollercoaster ride year. We've created wonderful things, made some mistakes along the way, though ultimately we have done much that's going to stay with me as something fond or funny.

If you stick around for next year, I hope to share with you great times. TER has given a playground that can appeal to the challenge-seeker, the explorer and the RP-delver and it's the community that makes all the difference for it.

Game on.

~ Copper
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Re: Community - The Easting Reach 2016 - Your Moments

Postby Kerstman » Fri Dec 23, 2016 11:39 pm

A nice initiative. I'll share a few things too, though I will likely forget plenty of very memorable TERrific moments all the same. Also, I'd like to add that some of these moments may be a little bit spoiilerish, especially since I tend to not outline in detail on the forums what my characters are going through, but rather I prefer to hint at things in the offline environment.

- Making a return to TER after a long hiatus and see the place has exploded. I was sad to just have missed the Adler wedding, however. Having a great time with so many new players and their characters. I am happy that plenty of them stayed. Yes, some left, but that is how it always is. I have left a few servers myself because they were not my cup of tea. No hard feelings.

- Developing Fenneken her Spirit Caller PrC roleplay and achieving the first two levels of the class. However, none of it would have been possible without delightful in-depth roleplay sessions that happened this year or earlier. Special thanks go to Highlander (Lori), Oldbear (Ornak) and Copperdragon (Artemis), but also the DM's and several other players contributed bigtime. I really like it that she has grown to be a more or less accepted person in Impiltur despite the nature of her abilities. Something I would never have dreamt of when I came up with the character concept. Which proves that planning is not everything. There is still plenty of room for character development in 2017 and I am looking forward to that.

- Aleks his moments with Elis. Perhaps she is the only active PC who understands him a little bit. They had glorious and terrible moments that ultimately led to the one mortally wounding the other.

- Fenneken her interactions with Anton and especially the moment when she tampered with his body and soul.. in not the most pleasant way.

- Special thanks go to Holy Rage and Obsidian Sea for organizing the event evolving around Hróins expedition. It was great and very character building for Unger. As was the rp before and after. I also really enjoyed the offline rp session that OS initiated for my grumpy dwarf who keeps on rambling about the hobgoblins in the mountains and the fact that the fate of Earthfast is ignored throughout the whole of Faerun.

- The rp session where Noal allowed Fenneken a glimpse insdie his soul and the stuff he has been through while he was allegedly captured and tortured.

- Simply exploring the amazing areas of TER. Both old and new. It's magic the builders do with a game that is this old. I really like that the team keeps looking to new additions the interwebz offer in terms of textures, clothing and other things.

- Rolling my eyes at the steep decline of TER summer activity, again hearing so many people say 'this is the end of NWN and thus TER' only to see numbers skyrocketing again from september on. I have 'only' been playing this game for 6 years now, but it's a yearly cycle, folks. Please no panic in the summer of 2017. Enjoy the weather and join the online masses when the days are getting shorter again.

- You may notice that I did not put anything about the huge server event up here until now. It was great, but rp that is specified to one or a few PC's shall always be superior for me and it doesn't matter whether that is made possible by DM's or fellow players.

Enjoy the holidays and see you all in 2017!
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Re: Community - The Easting Reach 2016 - Your Moments

Postby Ataraxia » Sat Dec 24, 2016 2:01 am

Some days are meant for reminiscing. Let me get my handkerchief.

- Anton stealing the last of the feywine when no one was paying attention and offering it to Jerek as a wedding gift (I've confirmed that he still has it).
- Celith as a girl making heads turn. Why didn't he stay that way just a little longer?
- Nathaniel and Anton's most unexpected friendship. Especially the moment when they were alone after a battle, and Anton confessed he would have murdered a certain event character in Nathaniel's stead if only to keep the blood off the bard's hands.
- Kelda teaching Anton to help others and give purpose to his suffering. Without her, he would be on such a different course now.
- Anton draining the pain from Lev's injuries and bearing it himself, then Lev telling Anton that it reminded him of how his older brother used to defend him from their abusive father.
- Jerek's version of Lay on Hands: Lay on Lips.
- Lev daring Bors to order Longpig at the Crowning Glory during a game of truth or dare.
- Fenneken and Anton's peculiar friendship, and her scary attempt at bringing him back to life. I can't believe the famed Artemis even thought it was a good idea.
- Aryen and Anton bonding over facing werewolves.
- Anton sparring hand to hand with Kallian and later Celith. Ubermensch: 2 - Elves: 0! Along with their slowly developing friendship that even included a vacation in the mountains which turned into an arctic bugbear invasion and a fishing trip gone wrong.
- Jonan killing Anton twice by stepping on AOE traps that scaled all the way up to 8th level. He holds the record of causing 25% of Anton's deaths.
- Lev selling mulled wine to an on-duty guard at the gates of Sarshel.
- Anton telling Isalin to smother herself with a pillow, then later sewing a pillow filled with pinecones. He hasn't gotten around to giving it to her as an apology.
- Ballon murdering the Sarshel dog. The scoundrel!
- Lucien getting confused by Myconids and sneak-crit killing Anton in one hit. I haven't forgotten the betrayal.
- The Yeahyeahyeah...yeahyeah event (those who were there understand).
- The time Kelda thought Anton was being a wimp for not wanting to punch her, then him knocking her down to Injured with one hit.
- Kelda's noodle arms.

And most importantly, the two Offline RP threads relating the events of Anton's pilgrimage to the Tower of Lamentations, his acceptance of Ilmater and return to Sarshel as a Broken One. All of it was barely ever mentioned In-Game, if ever, but that story arc is a great chunk of what makes the character who he is. Offline RP is what has kept me connected to TER even in the moments when I had no energy or interest, and I was finding the In-Game experience to be frustrating. I'm really grateful for it.

I'm looking forward to the unfolding of TER's third year, and sharing the playground with all of you.

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Re: Community - The Easting Reach 2016 - Your Moments

Postby Poisonous » Sat Dec 24, 2016 6:25 am

A few of these are not quite 2016, but I dare you to stop me!

- Sir Christophe de Hawklin of Tyr's overwhelming influence on Kelda and our many hours of deep and fulfilling roleplay--before there was Jerek, there was this alcoholic blue-blooded paladin. Their bizarre companionship, their lengthy conversations and lessons, and Christophe's untimely death are some of my favorite times on the server. K-dog's still drinking chamomile tea 2 years later.
- Kelda and Artemis' blossoming ladybromance over the years, the countless confessions of various feminine fears and hopes and dreams, and the bond the two have forged. Kelda's handing over letters for her loved ones and close friends to Artemis in fear that an upcoming temple cleanse ritual could kill her, and their conversation around that fear, was a great memory for me.
- Jerek's paladin conversion questline--OS did an incredible job. Jerek giving up a Troll regen potion he'd been saving for months to a fellow Beauty-devotee who'd been butchered and maimed beyond repair, and having the dice roll just right for it to WORK! That was a real cheering and clapping moment.
- Anton's DYING CONSTANTLY, and all the great RP that spawned out of that--not just between Kelda and Anton, but between myself as a DM and Anton before our characters got to know each other. To think that as a DM I tried to convert him into a Sharran! How interesting that might have been, yet how much fun he's been in his current state too.
- The dinner between the Siamorphe delegates and the Adlers. "Get the fuck out of my house"--great fun, and so lovely to have conflict on the server (even between Good characters!). Thank you!
- Staff's patience with me and kindness to me upon my return, despite my anger and lashing out earlier this year after upsetting health news--thank you for being fair!
- The beads.
- Kelda and Jerek's relationship is more bizarre than most realize, and it's been a great deal of fun--and an entirely unexpected direction for Kelda, who was always meant to go the bitter spinster route. The two make such an odd and endlessly entertaining couple when they show their true sides together. Some of my fondest memories with them are: Edvard spiking their drinks thus starting the entire romance, and Jerek's quiet and heartfelt conversion before the Saint's shrine near Sarshel. Also, Kelda calling Jerek "DICK" in sign language over and over again with Brother Garrmin awkwardly watching, able to read every word...And their worst arguments. I'm lucky to get to see another side of Jerek. Thank you!
- The dwarf RP. It never really got to go anywhere, which was my fault, but I greatly enjoyed my dwarven priestess' interactions with all of the other dwarves. That sausage and ale potluck will happen someday!
- Talisman/Siv's event at Tregorian's Gate. Captured by a warband of orcs. Celith stuck outside trying to sneak his way in to rescue us. Bors and Ornak trapped in a cage being offered a new life with orcs and half-orcs. Jerek naked in a cell with Kelda, Jerek flirting with the ogre guard and then making a prison shank to enchant and break down the door.
- Hroin.
- Many many more.

- Anton the OOC demigod of midgets

- Jerek's brief time as a naked midget -
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Re: Community - The Easting Reach 2016 - Your Moments

Postby Holy_Rage » Sat Dec 24, 2016 12:09 pm

All of the above posts have brought a wistful smile on my face and a nostalgic, mellow mood. Which proves that Copper's initiative (thank you for it!) works fine. Onwards to my list of best-of-2016:

1) The RP with everyone involved in Hróin's expeditions. Before those culminating moments, a lot of quality RP went back and forth, involving a great many PCs. I would like to thank each and every one of them.
2) The endless hours of scheming with the Apprentice. Loreweaver's brilliance IC and OOC.
3) The night of Sagi's departure from the Star.
4) The interactions with Aryen. In fact, that PC's birthday celebration is one of my best NWN RP memories of all times.
5) The crafting of Abzag-Ubrat and the epic failure with the special ore alloy a few weeks ago, in Nightal.
6) The love and hate relationship with all fellow magic-users, culminating in the Court of Mystra.
7) The love and hate relationship with Artemis and Lori.
8) One very special evening with Perry the Giant-Slayer.
9) The hours spent RPing at the top of Songhall's libraries. The skybox view and building were so majestic, I can still remember having the scent of pine right under my nostrils.
10) The 7th of Mirtul cataclysm and the subsequent masterful plot-setting that ensued.
11) The barely avoided slaughter at the Orc Tower.
12) Obsidian Sea's delightful impersonation of the outsider at the apex of the Arcana Andagnon series.
13) The payment scene at the Star's attic with Ornak.
14) Celith and Kallian: the Twice-Bonded, a Light in the Dark, the Bane of the Flame, the Ally against Them.
15) The many hours spent in my real life office wondering what was transpiring in TER in my absence.
16) My 7-year old son asking me if Hróin is an evil giant (due to my zooming in of the screen) and if Isalin is my friend and if she has children of her own so he can play with them (another zooming bout).

I thank you all for a great 2016 and for being part of what I consider to be quality entertainment. As usual, TER has never failed to deliver what it invokes and means to me: nothing less than a wonderful RP home, where our imaginations mingle in collective storytelling. And where miracles do happen.

May the Magic never stop, sincerely yours.
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Re: Community - The Easting Reach 2016 - Your Moments

Postby Kilaana » Wed Dec 28, 2016 4:51 pm

I'm not sure I can top those lists, as it's been two years and a bit more, so my memory's hazy, but this is what I do remember in no particular order:

1) First ever tavern brawl - Kallian vs. Gareth (I forgot his last name) vs. Farmer vs. Elis Cairnestone vs. Kelda Adler vs. more I can't recall. All because a barbarian's honor was at stake because an Elf decided to play a prank by stealing his spear while he was dead drunk. All of that led to Farmer rolling a 20 on his STR modifier and killing said barbarian. Which led to TER's first-ever court case held at the Temple, which was presided over by no other than the Tyrran Christopher de Hawklin played by EdinSumar!

2) That time when everybody spent 4 real-life hours chopping wood along a river under Hroin's supervision. And spending 7 entire RL days inside a pitch-black cavern setting up camp and digging for sand. And NOT ONE OF US COMPLAINED. It was the most amazing, gruelling, Dwarf-Fortress-esque experience ever.

3) The number of random characters that jumped in for Hroin's first expedition (See point 2). Every one found some reason or other to drop by. New acquaintances were made, friendships forged, enemies made, but it was one of the best community experiences ever, even if in the end only a handful remained behind.

4) Jerek and Kelda's wedding.

5) The week after the wedding when there was a TPK for every day after that.

6) The time when Aryen Caladras and Kallian had a shouting match in Midrikaul, over Noal Dagar, while Celith stood by looking disapproving.

7) The time when Sagi lost control, ended up being a fugitive from the law and took refuge in the Silverwoods. Some first-class RP as a result of that and contributed to the old shrine as a haven of safety.

8) The blood-curdling moment in a certain little cave with a certain Dwarf who was very, very unhappy about a certain half-orc.

9) Those brief, but beautiful moments from DM Obsidian Sea, whose flavorful words made very tangible the realm of shadow-dancing for my main, Kallian.

10) The evening when an argument between Sagi and Kallian ended up with him having the last say: He stormed out after he made sure she couldn't exact revenge by tying her up with magical rope.

11) The hours that just flew by when DM'ing one of the server's largest quests for Wynna Blackwing, Aleira Nemesk and Merney Valroc.

12) Perry Quietfoot and the Giant.

13) Sending a party into a paranoid frenzy with Loreweaver when we both DM'd a dungeon in Broken Dreams in the early days of the server.

14) The time when a rust monster ate Connor's armor.

15) A search party under the Earthfast Mountains for the missing Elis Cairnestone that took several hours, and ended up with just three Elves - Celith, Anzair & Kallian - when all the humans left. The immersion was awesome.

16) The time when someone decided it was a good idea to go look for gnolls. Seeing a pack of them coming from all directions all at once was an epic, nerve-wracking moment.

17) Yeahyeahyeahyeah event .... and then nearly crapping myself somewhere in the corridor. Thanks Hagra/PJ for the mini heart-attack.

18) Anytime I could interact with players through my NPCs, to help them develop as characters and to help them realize that sometimes the story isn't just about them but also the setting they inhabit.

19) The chess games with Jerek, and the camaderie with Jonan Mard.

20) The Chicken Demon quest. (Anton & Celith know this one)

21) The time when Fenneken attempted to put Anton's soul back to his body. I can't believe they decided to go to the most super-haunted, super-cursed place to do that.

22) The Heart of Winter quest, which Anton almost didn't get to participate in because hell decided to freeze off Ataraxia's internets. Sharing a meal and just talking by the fire, followed with a fishing trip gone sour, the loss of a home, firing off a lucky one-hit kill, and scrambling for cover like a game of RTS, and avoiding an all-out attack by a ratio of 4:30.
10/10 would go fishing again.

23) A tearful goodbye and truths unravelled between Elves when Kallian sailed to Yhaunn.

24) The time when Artemis decided she really, really had to drag a hin-sized anvil all the way along Laviguer Road back to Outentown.

24) Last but not certainly least, the collaborative writing for Anton, whose spiritual journey as a Monk was a very rewarding one to be part of, in no small thanks to Ataraxia who was gracious enough to allow me certain freedom with his character.

... I'm pretty sure there's a lot more, I wish I could remember them all.
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Re: Community - The Easting Reach 2016 - Your Moments

Postby Danuvis » Wed Dec 28, 2016 8:40 pm

Lovely initiative, lovely mentions thus far. I'm bound to forget plenty of moments simply because I don't have the best of memories, but here we go (in an utterly random order):

1) The entirety of the spectrolite plot and the countless hours of RP that followed in the wake of its many happenings and events. This was an immersive, wild and emotional ride from beginning to end, one that helped immensely alongside the involved characters to define and shape Merney into the man he now is.

2) Many, many moments with Aleira, Wynna and Merney. Where to even begin? These three have repeatedly gone through hell together and developed such strong bonds. The bloodshed, tears and exhaustion on the Royal Road, the moments of desperation in the comfort of home and dark depths of ruins alike, Merney losing control in the Crowning Glory and being held back by them both, lots of hours spent talking at their home, and so much more.

3) Merney and Aleira's relationship in particular has been a humbling, rich experience, the likes of which I've seldom experienced in other RP mediums. Those two are special, and I often look back fondly on their many moments of enraged arguing, bonding perseverance in the face of adversity, and Aleira's stubborness to keep Merney on the right path - she never gave up on him, no matter the circumstances. I'm having a hard time describing them aptly, but they simply feel so very real. Their countless quiet talks in taverns, homes and the woodlands spring to mind - lovely moments all.

4) The friendship of Wynna and Merney. Theirs is a hectic one at times, and even though they are often brought together by circumstance and mutual love for Aleira and one another, they still manage to find ways to be horrible to each other here and there, flawed as they both are. Merney being yelled at by Wynna for not being able to save Aleira, for endangering her, or by straying from the path they've tried to keep him on, and so, so many other sessions of RP.

5) Lucien and Merney's relationship. It's teetered between both mutual and one-sided hostility and utter bromance, and ultimately those two have been through more than anyone has a right to survive. Merney nearly dying at the hands of his own friend, the two of them fighting their way through an underground fighting club (Sorry, I broke the first two rules!) with nothing but their bare fists (and an instrument at one point!), and many other smaller and bigger moments alike.

6) All things Artemis & Merney. An unlikely pairing, I thought, but they've proven to have much common ground than I'd ever have expected! The moments in particular that come to mind: the drunken dancing in the Drunken Carp, his first approach regarding his feelings for her, alongside the myriad evenings and nights spent at home talking away the hours.

7) Hjalmar, Aleira and Merney's time spent in taverns, drunken or otherwise. In particular the hours that flew by by playing dice and talking away, in both Merney's home and in the Crowning Glory. Good, good times.

8) Archibald's death at the hands of a goblin ambush and the RP that followed, it was altogether moving and a very immersive session of RP, one that I'll be sure to look back on in days to come.

9) Garvin's many moments of being strange and blunt, as well as his relationships with certain people. Aleira and Garvin's grim bonding in the woods of Filur, close to the mountains. Old Man Yaromir's death and everything related to it I still remember fondly, such a fantastic event. Elis' mentoring, only to evolve into (one-sided) hatred when she lost her affinity to Mielikki. Gwendolynn and him clashing over opinions and bonding over hatred for a certain someone, her puns going straight over his head, along with so many other moments.

10) Quite a few discussions between Merney and Tristan and how they generally function together, the two have always had an interesting dynamic, even when Merney has struck him down in a bloodfrenzy!

11) Related to the above, the several people Merney has struck down over the year. Those moments have stayed with me, chiefly because plenty of wonderful RP has taken place as a result, and admittingly, it's been satisfying to watch in some cases, I'm sorry - don't hate me!

12) Several hilarious sessions of RP with Merney and Lev, and the brotherly camaraderie between them in general; they're an interesting pair in how they get along so well despite the vast gulf of difference in age and origins.

13) Faile. Oh, Faile. She's such a quirky, unique character, one that Merney went from liking to hating! There's too many moments to name here, but she has made me laugh quite a few times and enraged Merney to no end, namely when she had brought a pile of hay into Artemis' house, when she gave away having broken into his own house, and let's not forget the time she mistook a mad necromancer's love poem for Garvin's and had it archived.

14) Yserien and Merney's swift bonding and caretaking of Leaf, as well as the countless brushes with death. The fell pond, the monstrosity summoned by the seadevils that they fought together, etc.

15) Elise cooking for Merney... need I say more?

16) Turning into animals on many occasions out of my own stupidity and error, but each time I've somehow managed to squeeze RP out of it. Turning into a mephit and being mistaken for a demon was quite something, ending up in Merney being beaten into a bloody pulp.

17) The tower. It had everything one can ask for, mystery, puzzles, buxom women in tutus, and endless death.

18) Everything and everyone else that I've neglected to mention!

Altogether it's been an incredible year despite its many setbacks, moments of turmoil and frustration. I'm humbled to have been able to share my stories with you all, as well as having taken part in yours, and I hope there'll be much more to see and partake in during the next year!

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Re: Community - The Easting Reach 2016 - Your Moments

Postby Hagra » Wed Dec 28, 2016 10:09 pm

Gotta hurry, 2016 is almost over!

Didn't get much time to play over much of the summer and into autumn, but here's a few moments from 2016 and earlier that I have fond memories of.

1) Noal Dagar using the head of a bleeding paladin as a stepping stone to launch himself forward toward an Ettercap that was far too strong for the front line fighters to handle. What would have become a TPK in a matter of moments, was stopped by a long sword driven into the Ettercap's spine.

2) Faile Loomgold using Animal Empaty on Garvin when he decided to read a Scroll of Polymorph and was turned into a giant rat. It was this snowy afternoon that Garvin, as a giant rat, made hearts in the snow for Faile and professed his true love for her.

3) Faile Loomgold being shocked to find cupboards stuffed with food when the rest of Sarshel was slowly starving to death.

4) When Murdock drew the dastardly Duck Card from a deck and failed to take Faile's dire warning that something bad would happen to him by days end. TPK happened that evening at the hands of Kenku high in the treetops.

5) Noal Dagar spending a full month real time waiting for a party to stumble upon his malnourished body.

6) Fenneken for being quick on her heels, finding Noal Dagar freezing in the snow outside of the temple, and returning him to safety and delving into his tortured memories.

7) Somehow always running into Aleira whenever logging in, and giving her the shivers with Noal Dagar.

8) Faile Loomgold sending a party on a wild goose chase to search for a house in Sarshel that has potted plants outside, where she lied and said it was where all the stray cats could be found, then using that window of opportunity to Animal Empaty all the cats in Sarshel and move them into Bors' house before the cats could be culled.

9) Bors changing the lock on his door, yet still finding stray cats all in his house.

10) Bors changing the lock on his window and putting all the stray cats back out onto the street.

11) Finding snow angels by other characters in and around Sarshel during the winter.

12) Anton and Faile Loomgold heading out after meeting and looking for an old ruin, only to get caught up in something larger in the dark depths below!

13) Faile Loomgold standing by a pond watching a little boy who couldn't swim struggle and doing nothing about it.

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Re: Community - The Easting Reach 2016 - Your Moments

Postby Toros » Thu Jan 19, 2017 7:56 am

I have far too many wonderful experiences to share, but I found this picture and it made me smile.


Yes, that is a -67 on his stealth check.

Also, I play Galondel.

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Re: Community - The Easting Reach 2016 - Your Moments

Postby ljuslek » Thu Apr 13, 2017 10:04 am

Thursday the 13th of April 2017 marks a year for me on TER, at least as far as my forum account is concerned, and it seems to me that this thread is the best one to sum up my time spent here. Before I continue, however, I would issue a warning to those of you sensitive to hyperbole; nothing of what follows can be termed as exaggeration. What stands to be read here are my honest impressions, as best I can put words to them. I've played on countless persistent worlds since a fateful summer day when I read an article in Swedish PC Gamer about Richterm's Retreat: Nordock in (I think) 2004, it was a strange but wonderful thing, the process of finding a new world to place ones foot in. Even though the years have made my memory of that particular first experience hazy, I can say with confidence that first logging into TER mirrored that sensation of wonderment perfectly. And that is quite a feat, for who wouldn't find themselves a touch jaded after 13 or so years of playing persistent worlds on and off? What is more, TER and the people who run and play it weren't satisfied with just offering me a positive first glimpse; a week passed and you people just wouldn't stop. Players, dungeon masters and builders continued to make impressions with their work that only saw that sense of fascination grow, not diminish with time as I had expected it to.

To sum up, TER embodies what I think is the most salient definition of the term role-play. Namely the one which prescribes the activity as an exercise of empathy with entities that are wholly imagined, that carry no substance beyond the one we collectively lend them. Our characters and our world here on TER are, it goes without saying, imagined. It is then a near magical contradiction of often dreary reality to see them made so concrete by the way they interact with and fit within the whole of the carefully crafted scenario they find themselves in, one made complete by the characters who populate the same. Before I go on to list a handful of my most memorable moments from my year on TER I would like to thank the people who make this possible. Gives us and our characters a place to become something that edges just beyond the imagined. Administrators, dungeon masters, fellow players, builders and scriptwriters, thank you. It's hopelessly hackneyed of me to write that words aren't enough, but at times, clichés find themselves being thus for a reason.

- Aleira's first dungeon was run together with two fellow rangers, Trish Winterbrooke and Garvin Culdrake. It was a close call, the wolves near Sarshel nearly saw the trio beat. Though in the end a fireside conversation capped their small triumph of very neatly.

- My first offline role-play post came after Aleira's adventure with Faile Loomgold and Trish Winterbrooke. Somewhere, the three had found a map that detailed a mysterious location next a large body of water. Together they were all abuzz about what might lie on the other end, several NPCs were sought and consulted until the conclusion was reached that Songhall ought to be sought out. No grander adventure came out of that foray, but it offered a taste of what is on offer here on the server and left me quite moreish.

- The wonderful interactions between Aleira and CopperDragon's NPC Yaromir, the half-orc druid that saw Aleira learn more of herself and her faith. That saw her confidence in herself find some traction in reality. That their relationship ended in a wonderfully executed two-pronged event made things all the better, though bitter sweet indeed for my character.

- A plotline that spanned the better part of my first year on TER. The one to end the cruel ever winter that threatened to bury The Uplands and The Reach in snow. The entire thing was wonderfully executed by Kilaana, Loreweaver with Obsidian Sea offering his support when needed. A wholly engrossing storyline that didn't only see itself progress, but every single character who was involved in it, large role or small, saw themselves being developed with it. Their relations with each other and the world strengthened, burdened challenged and redefined. The characters themselves and not just their actions were given chance to shine in the multifaceted tumult of Shar's desire to see darkness win the day.

Naturally, the above are just a handful of memories. To put them all into writing would bore you to the wrong kind of tears, but I hope that by offering a few of them for perusal that I've managed to express the gratitude which I claim words like 'thank you' aren't sufficient for giving voice to. In anticipation of my second year. Keep at it, people.

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