Happy Holidays

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Happy Holidays

Postby Dawnbreak » Sat Dec 24, 2016 3:39 am

Hello TERrans from every point of our globe.

During the last four or so months I've had the pleasure to act as Dungeon Master for this server, and to provide at least a few tinges of enjoyment to a good portion of you, as well as help where I can with administration and other such menial tasks that none of you should really care about (boring!). I've had the privilege of setting up our Community Discord which was a glaring success in popularity and helped attract more players unto the server, and helped build a connection between members of the server, which was perhaps my greatest achievement. It was a time of some frustrations, no doubt, but a lot of joy for both myself and hopefully some of you, in various forms.

Though, I've come to the conclusion recently that I have no place being a DM on this server. I lack the motivation more often than not, I lack the ability to organize myself, and I communicate poorly with others on the Team. I have felt a disconnect from the community in a long while, and I blame that on myself as well. I have dealt with some situations with less tact than what should be expected as a person in a position of power, I have fell behind on what I was expected to do, and in the end, it ends up feeling like a job more than doing something for my own enjoyment. In my application, all the things that have gotten me on the team, all the qualities that work to my advantage, work better as a player.

Thus, this is my official resignation from the team. To those I am leaving behind, both on the team and those who await their questlines to continue; I am truly sorry. I cannot remain, and I hope you will understand me and forgive me for this decision.
To those who were with me on my adventures, both as player and DM, thank you. TER has been my home for a while, and the only place where I have enjoyed truly magnificent roleplay and storytelling, and I will not forget all that was done for me here, the opportunities I was given, and the people who have given them and helped cultivate them into more than just opportunities... and at the same time, I will not forget what I have done with the biggest of those opportunities. I might remain here and there as a player, but I am still not certain on where I stand.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays, and catch you on the flipside.

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Re: Happy Holidays

Postby Artifice » Sat Dec 24, 2016 4:10 am

All the best! Look forward to playing with you in game!
Edited to add: Because I hope you stick around. :oops: I type quicker than my brain works.
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Re: Happy Holidays

Postby Kilaana » Sat Dec 24, 2016 10:29 am

Thank you, Dawnbreak, for your time with the team. However you may feel about it, please know that even the smallest menial task you did for us is appreciated. Because being a DM isn't just about running events, but supporting the server behind the scenes as well. You've done that too, and I hope you will still return to us as a player.
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