Encouraging Players to Pursue Character Goals

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Encouraging Players to Pursue Character Goals

Postby Kilaana » Mon Nov 16, 2015 5:55 pm

Every player on the server has characters and each character has goals, motivations and reasons for being adventurers in the land of Impiltur. Whether for godly goals or personal improvement, the thing to bear is that you are the heroes and the villains of this tale and every story that comes into it. You are the whisper on the night’s air, the heroic charge forward into battle and the power behind the noble’s words. You are the ones that make this server what it is and we as staff and DMs, can only encourage and support your actions. We want you to shape the world and bend it to your will, but for that all players need to have the will and the desire to change it on their own initiative.

What that means is a call to action to the players of the server to initiate their own desires on the server. Our world has been designed with the intention of being open to interpretation, to allow for possibilities, for various courses of action whether be it through exploring a dungeon, participating in a DM-hosted event, or through smaller player-driven storylines.

We urge you to contact us as DMs and tell us of what you would like to do with your characters and shape the world around you. We want you to grab your sword, your friends and your enemies and be the actual heroes, villains and sidekicks of your story. What we can provide without your input is limited, because we are not the protagonists nor are our NPCs, you all are. Do not be afraid to ask questions and message us about your character’s actions, do not assume what you can and cannot do in RP, based on what happened on a previous server or any other encounter.

In the end, we simply ask that you come and talk to us, be motivated to see your goals done. Even if you do not know how to complete your goals, you can talk to us and we will work with you. If you feel self-conscious about asking for a DM's time for your own benefit, you may like to consider arranging events for the benefit of others' characters instead.

Lastly, we would like to clarify that we are unlikely to have a specific player-character (PC) or two as a core element around which an event spins. We shall not put your PC in a certain position on our own initiative for your PC's advancement. If you wish DM'd character development we are happy to help, but it helps us if we have a rough idea of the goals and plans of your PC and their players. Your character's IC development is very much in your hands and the DMs can only help to facilitate this if we are aware of what works or does not work for you.
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