Tall Tales Retold & A Farewell

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Re: Tall Tales Retold & A Farewell

Postby Poisonous » Wed Aug 30, 2017 11:47 pm

Oh and you're fine to share whatever with my characters!
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Re: Tall Tales Retold & A Farewell

Postby Kilaana » Thu Aug 31, 2017 1:47 pm

I am sad to see the departure of a very brilliant and talented DM, but this is his decision and one that the team will respect.

I will remember fondly of the grand tales he has spun in his wake to bring TER alive, and his careful and dedicated work in helping characters come out to their potential. It was always a joy to collaborate with Obsidian for me - it is a shame that time and real-life put constraints on those occasions happening more often. The smallest ideas I could come up with, were always met with enthusiasm from him, and he always very graciously agreed to execute those ideas on my behalf where I could not, often extending them in ways that took my breath away. Obsidian was, and always will be, an inspiration to me and I'd take the opportunity to apologise in turn if I had failed him in any way in my role as Head Admin of TER.

From the bottom of my heart, I'd like to thank you for what you've done for TER and I hope that you know there's always a place saved here for you, player-side or DM-side, should you choose to return.
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Re: Tall Tales Retold & A Farewell

Postby Talisman » Fri Sep 01, 2017 2:23 pm

Ah, geeze. These threads always feel just a tad like funerals with eulogies and emotions flying about. As much as I like you, OS, I'll save my heartbreak for when you leave permanently :P WHICH YOU BETTER NOT. Welcome back as a player!

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Re: Tall Tales Retold & A Farewell

Postby Kerstman » Thu Sep 07, 2017 3:33 pm

Ah yes, you are ofcourse free to include stuff involving my characters as long as it does not fully expose their backgrounds and motivations. I trust you with that :)
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Re: Tall Tales Retold & A Farewell

Postby Obsidian Sea » Tue Sep 12, 2017 2:03 pm

Talisman wrote:
Fri Sep 01, 2017 2:23 pm
Ah, geeze. These threads always feel just a tad like funerals with eulogies and emotions flying about. As much as I like you, OS, I'll save my heartbreak for when you leave permanently :P WHICH YOU BETTER NOT. Welcome back as a player!

I appreciate that. I hope I was not sentimental to the point of seeming insincere in my first post!

I'll be wandering around as a player for sure, and expect to spend some time on new, low-commitment PCs for the foreseeable future to give Aryen Caladras, Tristan Thalavar, and myself a bit of a break.

In the meantime, this is the first of the DM Logs that I've chosen to share. I got to use a lot of lovely areas from Aelwyn and show them off in the midst of a narrative that involved a lot of skill rolling and problem solving on behalf of the party, as well as several scenes of combat. It had the feel of a good, traditional adventure that wasn't all about combat and some cinematic moments to boot for which I'll have to give the players much of the credit for their execution of the party dynamic.

From The Sky, From The Sea (concluded)

  • Elhokar Ravenmane
  • Barnabis Bullroy
  • Damien Fletcher
  • Rowan Red-Hand
  • Felnrisse Sarjor
  • Cassandra
Elhokar Ravenmane looks into the matter of the missing Warsword, Turzech, as it was brought before him throughout the discourse in The Lion of the Plains. A party, their purposes in Filur upon that day differing, set aside their concerns to aid the Druid's search, for the road reaching south could be as perilous as the rest of the region - and it would prove to be that day.

They set out shortly before noon. Felnrisse Sarjor is the foremost tracker, making consecutively successful Survival, Search and Perception checks to consolidate crucial details for the party's progress. Nothing comes until they come to The Royal Road: Towards The Coast, when they miss the opportunity to take a Perception check and beset by Harpies as they try to cross the bridge. The party push back the aggressor, but Rowan Red-Hand and Cassandra fail their Balance checks and fall from the bridge to the beach in the chasm below. They each suffer damage, but neither are fatally wounded.

Barnabis Bullroy procures rope, but it is not enough to reach the bottom of the chasm. A second length of rope is provided by Damien Fletcher to tie to the first. Meantime, Felnrisse Sarjor looks for a way to descend. He finds one, but it would require Balance checks not to be treacherous due to the melting snow, and they would not be able to climb up again. The party stay where they are for the time being, hoping that Barnabis Bullroy's plan will work. They communicate with the fallen party members by shouting, inconsiderate of what that might do to alert the denizens of the coast to their presence.

Rowan Red-Hand and Cassandra's ability to climb back up would be measured by their strength attribute, but Barnabis Bullroy instructs them to tie the rope around their waists, permitting the action to go off of his strength attribute instead. This would prove to be successful, but as the first of them, Cassandra, is being pulled up, the Harpies return to take advantage of the party's diminished capabilities. Barnabis Bullroy is incapable of aiding in the battle without dropping Cassandra, and in the chasm below, the lone Rowan Red-Hand is beset by a Sahuagin sentry that has overheard the party's shouting. Each side of the party is successful in their battle, though not without a great deal of stress incurred. Cassandra is pulled up, and Rowan Red-Hand soon afterwards, narrowly avoiding a crossbow bolt in his back from a second Sahuagin sentry thanks to a Reflex check. Rowan Red-Hand alerts the party to the presence of "seathings" beneath them.

The party rush across the bridge. It seems evident to them that Warsword Turzech probably didn't make it much further alone, but Elhokar Ravenmane doesn't undermine the man's potential for self-defense, and they continue towards The Royal Road: Raven's Watch. This campsite is abandoned, but the Druid and Felnrisse Sarjor make successful Search checks to acquire some minor supplies that travelers left behind. The Druid finds a Potion of Invisibility, and some cosmetic trinkets likely favoured by a woman. The Wood Elf finds a set of Elven Arrows, and some Pixie Arrows. He begins to wonder if Merethyl has spent time here. They turn back, with Elhokar Ravenmane decided to battle the Harpies. Little does the party know, it was in fact the Sahuagin that got to Warsword Turzech first, and they follow a false lead.

A series of battles with the Harpies prove taxing, and when Elhokar Ravenmane witnesses the doom at Royal Coast: Wraith's Wreck, he becomes furious, takes the shape of an eagle, and flies off towards the Harpy nest alone. Whilst he struggles against an abundance of Harpy foes, the party try to find some path along the beach to try and reach the spire that the Druid has flown up to, but the sea crashes in at that moment and they are delayed by an unavoidable encounter with the Sahuagin that Rowan Red-Hand warned them about earlier.

In the nest, Elhokar Ravenmane's bold action has proven to be folly, and he is forced to retreat. The Harpies are heavily in pursuit, and though he tries to land by the party, he is 'Near Death' and flounders, crashing into the beach on the opposite side of the plateau from his party. The party rushes to aid him before the Harpies conclude their murderous deed, and narrowly save the Druid's life. Cassandra warns the party that they are low of healing supplies, but Rowan Red-Hand suggests that they redirect their attention to the foe they might more easily deal with: the Sahuagin. Elhokar Ravenmane defers, ultimately, to the Priestess of Ilmater's caution, and the party return to Filur, unsuccessful in their search for Warsword Turzech.

Felnrisse Sarjor had narrowly failed a Perception check near to the adventure's conclusion that would confirm to him whether or not an Elven body was perceptible at the base of the Harpy perch, leaving him uncertain as to whether or not the answers he seeks as to the whereabouts of Merethyl rest along the Harpy-ridden coast.

This adventure got to make a great deal of use out of Loreweaver's lovely new @text_party function, as well as providing a supervised demonstration of the magnificent sights and terrible dangers up and active along The Royal Coast.
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