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Re: [Interest gauge] Campaign play

Posted: Thu Dec 28, 2017 10:11 pm
by Holy_Rage
You are already in, OldBear. So far the party looks like:

Barbarian, monk, priest, rogue and wizard/sorcerer (?)

Re: [Interest gauge] Campaign play

Posted: Fri Dec 29, 2017 1:49 pm
by OldBear
Went with a hin druid

Re: [Interest gauge] Campaign play

Posted: Fri Dec 29, 2017 11:10 pm
by Holy_Rage
Thank you all for your participation tonight, I had fun DMing you.

Anyone that will post a sum up of the session that just finished will be granted a small XP bonus.

Next session: Sunday, January 7th. Starting time: 8 pm UK time (3 pm EST).

Have an excellent New Year and until we meet again!

Re: [Interest gauge] Campaign play

Posted: Fri Dec 29, 2017 11:55 pm
by OldBear
HMM don't need any bonus, but will try to set out some information. Hopefully others will also post.

The party met at the tavern in Outentown. Entering the tavern was Brother Garmin and a soaked young man from Thelham. He indicated he was sent to bring a message and to try to find a party to come investigate. At first I thought he was sent by the local lord who governs Thelham area. Later I had more of a feeling he was set a Council of Elders for the community. He reported weird behavior of the animals. Wolves coming to one farmstead where they were friendly. Another incident of one sheep biting and killing another. He also mentioned an older lady who had left to marry a lord's father who later returned a broken creature. She has left the village and move into a cave.

The party was told to prepare and meet so that they could leave midday, it being late morning at the time. When it came time to leave, the young man was not available. Brother Garmin stated he was disposed and couldn't make it. Several sense rolls were made and at least one thinks Brother Garmin was hiding a dark secret from them. The party was offered room and board and 100 silvers. However, he failed to mention if it was 100 silvers per person or for the entire party to share. They are going to ask once they get to Thelham.

After receiving directions they took off. On the way the met a large gray rabbit. It seemed very alarmed and disturbed. Rosemary being a druid tried to communicate. She had no luck but it gave off an unusual feeling something wrong. She could tell it had lost one eye and it was badly damaged and leaking. She also had a sense of decay. When the rabbit attacked her fox, it was killed. It then exploded in flames and left behind some ash and a foul smell. Moving on they met two sheep who appeared to have killed a man on the road. He had a staff that was badly bitten. They suspect he might have been their shepherd and they had killed the man. When they went to cover the man in the nearby rocks, they felt an unusual coldness. Several of the party suffered cold damage from touching the man.

With Thelham in sight, the party came to a close. They all agreed they would not spend the night outside the village. It was just time to close the event for the day.

Re: [Interest gauge] Campaign play

Posted: Mon Jan 08, 2018 2:26 pm
by Holy_Rage
The session yesterday did not take place and was postponed for next Sunday 14 January - starting time 8 pm UK time because I was (and still am) sick. So those of you that did not manage to attend didn't miss anything at all. My apologies to those that showed up, I was unable to give notice anytime earlier.

See you all next Sunday or earlier.

Re: [Interest gauge] Campaign play

Posted: Wed Jan 10, 2018 3:16 am
by Electryc
Hope you start feeling well. Might be traveling the 14th, if not I'll be there good sir.

Re: [Interest gauge] Campaign play

Posted: Wed Jan 17, 2018 3:26 am
by Jogglehog
This took longer than it should have, here is my summary of the event 2 days ago:

The party continues on, easily and much quieter, but the grisly scene and eerie magic aren't forgotten. They arrive in Thelnam and most of them are unimpressed.

The village on the other hand, wakes up after a young girl excitedly calls out in her native Easting. Many come to their windows for a look, and the fishermen form small throngs together. The child runs to a woman, young, with red-hair and a hard look. She responds to a bow and greeting from the hin druid Rosemary with "Salt and stone", probably the most Thelnam thing to say. Yun Kai adds his own bow after observing the hin, but in his far-Eastern fashion.

A familiar face appears, Raeven. The wizard Isaraad informs him of the shepherd's death, the hin produces the dead man's staff and affirms, adding it was unnatural. The village digests this news with murmurs, and the man Ozren, worried about further reactions, whispers concerns to Yun, who shrugs them off. The red-haired woman steps forward and has harsh words with Raeven, the wizard quietly translates the gist, Ozren affirms: they haven't been told the whole story, and she clearly doesn't want them here. She leaves, dragging her daughter, the child. Raeven and Rosemary remarks on her fiery nature. Uranbar the priestly gnome offers condolences and priestly services, but wants to press on and find some authority.

As the crowd grows restless, they agree to proceed and follow the eager hin up the steep path. At the door of the tavern, Raeven advises them to maintain a lower profile, but makes it clear he mainly means the half-orc Prag. Inside, the party takes advantage of the promised hospitality. Prag himself refrains and perhaps noticing something, grills Raeven when he returns and doesn't like his answers. Raeven rushes off to go deal with the dead shepherd, he claims.

The red-haired woman barges in, out goes the barkeep, the party finds itself bolted in with her. It is clear she is no fisherwife, and she tells another story of lord Metiss and his family, and how they have corrupted her mother, Kessla. She, now Aunyl, tells them the elders will meet with them, but they are the lord's puppets and they should tread carefully. The doors are unbolted and Aunyl leaves. Twice however, she produced uncontrolled magical reactions: A smoking palm at the party's queries, and frost on the door as she left.

The party now has free-range of the town, but perhaps at their own peril.

Re: [Interest gauge] Campaign play

Posted: Thu Jan 18, 2018 12:20 am
by OldBear
Rosemary, once the others settled in at the tavern went out to look for the grannies. The best news is always from them she thought. She met one sitting at a rocking chair on the deck of the house. Pulling out some yarn she used for knitting, she attempted to strike up a conversation regarding knitting and seeing if the woman had some colors of yarn she would want to trade for the yarn Rosemary had. If she would trade, Rosemary would attempt to "sit a spell* and work on some booties for her youngest daughters expected new born. If it works, she hopes to hear some of the local gossip and sort out a bit of what is really going on in the town.

Re: [Interest gauge] Campaign play

Posted: Sun Jan 21, 2018 2:37 pm
by blatob
Sorry, folks, due to some technical issues, there will probably be no event tonight. Server is up, though and running.

Re: [Interest gauge] Campaign play

Posted: Sun Feb 11, 2018 11:11 pm
by Holy_Rage
Session 5 finished tonight, thanks to everyone for attending. See you all next Sunday 18 Feb for a (hopefully) big session! Cheers.

As usual, IC posts and inquiries here will be suitably rewarded in-game.