A letter for Tristan

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A letter for Tristan

Postby Highlander » Thu Apr 20, 2017 1:34 pm

A finely penned note is delivered to Tristan while he remains in Sarshel; enclosed with the note is a small vial of darkened glass.

Dear Tristan,

Thank you for the pleasure of your company the other evening, and of your understanding of matters discussed. I have taken the liberty of carrying out some more detailed calculations of the required synthesis of the potion you enquired about, and should you see fit to proceed with the order, it transpires I shall require a further component to ensure success. In view of the partially obscuring nature of the potion's effects, it requires a few droplets of dark mist. Do not be put off by the melodramatic name, this is simply mist, in other words suspended water, that has attained that state in the absence of light. A waterfall in a cave, or some similar source of underground dampness, would provide the necessary item. If you wish to proceed, please arrange to gather a few dark mist droplets in the enclosed light proof vial, and keep them shielded from sunlight until their delivery to Shield Lane. I would urge you not to be tempted to take short cuts in the gathering of this, as the resultant potion will either simply not work, or result in some undesirable effect on the drinker, such as spending a day vomiting slugs.

Many thanks for your cooperation, may the Lady of Mystery guide you.

Warm regards

Lori Peveril
Lori Peveril: Enchanter
Azruphel Krathas: Kossuthan

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