Server Downloads - UPDATED May 15th

Server updates, downloads and news relating to the server.
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Server Downloads - UPDATED May 15th

Postby Loreweaver » Sun Mar 18, 2018 10:51 am

The server has moved to EE and now makes use of NWSync, so there is no further need for manual downloads. The files below are linked for historical and builder purposes.
These are the hak requirements for joining the server. This topic will be updated each time there are changes to files.

CEP 2.4: ... -23-cep-24

Server Hak Files:
Download link:

Haks List:
- TER tlk (goes into nwn\tlk folder) Updated Mar 18
- TFK_2da.hak Updated Mar 18
- TFK_misc.hak
- TFK_plc.hak
- TFK_por.hak Updated Mar 18
- TFK_textures.hak
- TFK_tilesother.hak
- TFK_tilesother2.hak
- TFK_tilesother3.hak
- TFK_tileswrm.hak
- TER_music (place .bmu files in your nwn\music folder)
- TER_music_2 (place .bmu files in your nwn\music folder)
- Override (replace your current override folder with this one) (NOT NEEDED IF USING NWNCX LAUNCHER)

Extracting files:
Some of our files, especially the larger ones, are compressed with 7zip. The utility is free for download here. Otherwise, Winrar or Winzip can perform the extraction as well.

Optional but highly recommended:

- TER_NWNCX.7z. This is an alternative to the Override file for Windows users we added to the dropbox. It has a launcher program which pre-loads TER's files so you can use them during character creation. Unlike using overrides where you have to log in with one PC, log out and back in again before you can see proper text instead of gibberish, this program allows you to see the right names from the start.

Ensure the NWNCX.exe program is in your main NWN folder. Right-click and select "Run as Administrator" to start up NWN.

- Camera unlock mod (by Roma_CZ) which unlocks the camera angle so you can look around as far up as to the sky; unlocks the camera distance so you can play in an FPS mode handy for enclosed spaces, or zoom out to a very great distance. Remember to backup your "nwnmain.exe" before installing.

- NPC voicesets from the game which can be used during character creation. Simply place the file "soundsets.2da" into the override folder. When prompted to overwrite, click YES. This file is automatically used with TER_NWNCX.

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Re: Server Downloads - UPDATED Mar 18th

Postby blatob » Fri Jun 29, 2018 9:52 am

All music that could be found on TER. ... sp=sharing

The archive also contains the files found in 2 older archives, as well as many others, found on the various downloads on NWN vault.

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Re: Server Downloads - UPDATED Mar 18th

Postby blatob » Sun Oct 21, 2018 2:41 pm


EE version only!

In order to play EE version of the mod, you will need the archive (containing 2 haks) that can be found in the link for haks within the first post in this topic. It is marked as EE only archive.

So far, other haks needed for EE are the same as for 1.69. Keep in mind that 2da.hak is in EE only rar archive so you do not want the standalone 2da (the only hak that is for 1.69 exclusively)

Also, there is no password.

Not meant for 1.69!

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