Blood(y) matters!

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Blood(y) matters!

Postby Kerstman » Mon Nov 05, 2018 4:24 pm

Hey all,

I applaud Holy Rage's initiative for gifting a free copy of NWN: EE for some blood payment as he offers here: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=2445

I am donating blood plasma on a regular basis for several years now and before I donated blood a few times. Pretty much my only motivation for doing it is: "Why should I not?" It helps people and it has hardly a negative effect on me. Mainly it costs me about 60 minutes something like 10 times a year depending on recent travels or illness / infections. Apart from that I have In turn I am warmly welcomed by the people working at the blood bank and they offer me plenty of drinks and snacks. Oh an you can joke about taking heroine shots to your friends and colleagues in case they spot the most minor scar tissue on your arm. Donating blood takes only like 10 to 15 minutes excluding the checklist and quick medical checkup, so don't be scared off by the aforementioned 60. Also you may donate blood a lot less often because it takes longer to regenerate blood than plasma, which is only a part of the blood material running through your veins.

I would not mind obtaining one of the NWN : EE copies, but I'd rather see it go to a dedicated player who either decides to start donating or who manages to convice another.


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