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We're Hiring!

Postby Kilaana » Fri Mar 15, 2019 12:23 pm

Hear ye!

We are looking for DMs and Contributors to join the TER team! Among the many things spoken of TER, one of these is its attention to detail & its lovingly-crafted, highly immersive setting. In keeping with these standards, we take extra care in ironing out our requirements. We ask that interested parties digest these carefully before applying. Should they find themselves keen, they may contact either myself or Loreweaver directly through Discord.

For DM positions, our ideal candidate should possess the following qualities:

- have a passion for TER as a low-level, low-magic setting.
- be somewhat familiar with the FR universe as well as the TER setting.
- have experienced the server as a player for a minimum of 3 months.
- be able to commit a number of hours to DMing and its related duties.
- be able to work with people from different cultures, nationalities, peculiarities & mindsets without prejudice.
- be respectful of different opinions from both the team & the playerbase, and seek to find positive solutions.
- be comfortable with constructive criticism and to be able to offer the same.
- never speak negatively of the server behind its back, because it makes you untrustworthy (and kind of shitty).
- have a sense of humour.

For Contributor positions, these are those who wish to contribute their work to the server on a temporary/permanent basis.
They are expected to be able to work closely with the team, because their contributions will inevitably affect the work of the staff.

Contributions may include any or all of the following:
- scripts
- areas
- custom content such as placeables, clothing, PC parts, icons, items, etc.
- written contributions such as books, scrolls, letters, poetry or other appropriate paraphernalia.

The team reserves the right to modify or improve upon Contributor work to ensure the material is in line with the setting.
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