Relevel of Entheo Genesthe to fix skills

Request changes to your character which cannot already be done with your selection tool & in-game commands.
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Relevel of Entheo Genesthe to fix skills

Postby Entheogen » Thu Apr 09, 2020 3:39 pm

I am making this request under the clause:

"- You made a decision when you were new to TER's mechanics. Now you're more familiar with the server you regret it and feel it limits your enjoyment of an established character."

Entheo was my 2nd character I made on the server, just over a month ago, and the first character to reach level 2. I did not know that skills had special abilities or which lore skills would be pertinent to my character. I have put in some 200+ hours on the server since his making.

I also discovered a bug that you can learn the same language twice and thus lose out on the ability to speak an additional language.
So currently Entheo is down one language from what he should be.

I would like to remake and relevel him to 8. If allowed:
I will NOT change any classes or feats.
I will change his cross class invested skills of Appraise and Survival (~14 skill points) to Intimidate and various Knowledge skills.
I will change his voice from the druid/ranger voice to the neutral warrior voice.
I will change his description to be more detailed and include backstory after the physical description.
I will change his hair color to be more grey if I can find the right color.
I will learn that language he has been missing out on all this time.

These changes will allow me to use a special ability each round, of which he currently has none he can use.
This will make combat more engaging for me as a player and Entheo more effective at tanking as well as a relevant RP skill.
Additionally it will give him the appropriate knowledge skills he should have, which is good for RP and quality of life with identifying.
He did not get any knowledge skills until level 8, and then I only had 2 spare points at that.

You may consider this a separate request:
I would like to bump his CON up by 2 points at the expense of his WIS if permitted to remake.

If you need justification for this change, I would say that because of his recent successful bouts hunting and slaying ogres and ettins that he has become emboldened by physical dangers to the point of recklessness. As well as the fact he has just completed his map of every surface area in the module, currently at 294+ areas of which most were done on foot and therefore he should be in quite better shape than when he arrived.

EDIT: Clarification of skill point request.

Appraise and Survival are cross class skills for Fighter. Perception is a class skill.
Currently I have 6 skill points invested in appraise, and 6 skill points invested in Survival. (3 ranks each for 12 points total)
I would also like to move 3 skill points out of perception.
Giving me 15 skill points to work with.
I would like to move 11 skill points into Intimidate to max it for level 8 as a class skill.
The remaining 4 points I would like to increase Local Knowledge and Dungeoneering Knowledge skills by 2 each.
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Re: Relevel of Entheo Genesthe to fix skills

Postby OldGrouch » Tue Apr 14, 2020 4:02 am

All fixed except skills.

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