Feat Change for Liana Orcbane

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Feat Change for Liana Orcbane

Postby Lady_Crimson_42 » Wed Apr 15, 2020 10:02 pm

I need to remove the feat Mounted Combat, since the feat is currently bugged and is infact lowering my armor class after a period of time, instead of raising it.

I am still interested in the feat once it is fixed, if that ever occurs. But if it isn't I'm alternatively using improved expertise.

My original plan was:
(1 Ranger, 3 Fighter) then continue as ranger
1. Exotic
1. WF B. Sword
3. Expertise
3. Mounted Combat / (Improved Experties)
4. Weapon Specialization
6. Shield Bash

Since I was more interested in shield bash rather than impr. expertise, but I was more interested in Mounted Combat at the time.. I probably would've made this level choice since Shield Bash can only be taken with a +4 BA.

To 2 Ranger, 2 Fighter

1. Exotic
1. WF B.Sword
3. Expertise
4. Shield Bash
5. Weapon Specialization
6. Mounted Combat/ (Improved Expertise)

This would also let me more easily exchange improved expertise for Mounted Combat once it is fixed so I wouldn't have to redo as many levels.

But I am happy either way, I just need to get rid of the feat from bugging my character's mounted combat.

I believe this falls under the guidelines of
A) Being new to the server and not understanding some of the present issues with this setup.
B) An essential part to the character, riding a horse into combat against legions of orcs as a knight-type.. is made less fun.
C) The bug itself is beyond my control or knowledge without taking the feat in the first place.

All I need is for a DM to take away 4,000 exp or so, and then hopefully give it back, with approval.
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Re: Feat Change for Liana Orcbane

Postby Lady_Crimson_42 » Sun Apr 19, 2020 5:34 am

4,100 exp now, sorry been adventuring.

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Re: Feat Change for Liana Orcbane

Postby Kilaana » Sun Apr 19, 2020 7:03 am

We're currently investigating, hang in there a bit.
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