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Shazada's Book of Recipes and Ideas

Postby Aethereal » Fri Dec 17, 2021 6:09 am

Giant Ant Larvae Steaks

Note: consider renaming the meat. Similar to how one calls deer meat venison, or goat meat chevon, I must have a more appealing or exotic name for the giant ant larvae's flesh.

Why it's so simple. I shall call it fourmi. Fourmi larve steak, yes. Perfection.

Grilled Fourmi Larve Steak wrote:Background: Today during my visit of the Filurian eateries, I encountered a lady by the name of Amira. She was some kind of incredible fiery sword wielder who could cut up entire swathes through her foes. It's hard to describe but I can make the comparison to my favourite chef's knifework - that is to say, it was an artform. It is a great shame that she's never tried her hand at the artistry of culinary cutting though. A true shame. I could use someone with those skills... and with a blade like hers, oh my, it's like simultaneously searing and carving the meat straight off the beast. Medium rare in an instant... SWOON.

Anyway, whilst lending a hand I managed to collect some fresh fourmi steaks - yes, yes, I know what an incredible experience, what immense beasties, not at all the ants I step upon but none of that is important - and how could I not? These creatures are so fleshy and fullsome, they're pure meat and fat, and carry none of that bothersome odour of actual ants. Indeed, I would say, they have a certain aroma - it's quite something else, so hard to describe. A teensiest touch bitter the likes of capsicum combined with a hint of nutmeg, that's it. So exotic.

Needless to say, sliced up nice and thin and cooked over a fresh fire on my grill plate did wonders for the flesh. All of its natural fat simply basted the meat in the pan of its own accord, leaving me but to add a pinch of salt and a bit of fennel - yes, much as one would pork - and a bit of my wild herb mix. Mmmm... so good. I've a slab left of the stuff to experiment with back home. I will prepare a proper recipe soon

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