Player Guide: Alignments

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Player Guide: Alignments

Postby Kilaana » Mon Nov 16, 2015 4:14 pm

This article lays down the basic ground rules for how Alignments work within The Easting Reach.

Alignments here are not much different from the official D&D rulebook and at Character Creation.

However, these are merely guidelines - or concepts, if you will - when roleplaying your character. We don't believe in hard and fast rules when it comes to what alignment your character is, because though characters have a basic personality, their decisions and actions are more often than not dictated by the circumstances around them. We would like to offer the player freedom in how his character is played and how it shall evolve (or devolve) throughout the character's lifetime.

If a DM witnesses a situation which they feel can result in alignment adjustments, they should ask after the character's motivation to know in which direction to adjust. If both the player and the DM cannot agree to a change, then a second opinion will be sought. Note that DMs are not here to dictate how accurately you are roleplaying your character's alignment, but rather we prefer to spend our precious time designing consequences for the actions your character is accountable for.

This is how Alignments work here:

Good: Willingness to do something for others at your own severe detriment.
Evil (Non-Good): Willingness to do something for yourself at the severe detriment of others.
Neutral: Willingness to do something for yourself or for others, for reasons inbetween (whether for one's sake or the sake of others).
Law: Willingness to do something correctly even when it's inconvenient.
Chaos: Willingness to do something convenient even when it's incorrect.

Evil also stacks itself and forges a path towards Absolute Evil, from which there is little chance of redemption, because it does indicate that darker forces have thoroughly left their stain on a character's soul. Nothing short of a holy strikedown can release such an individual's suffering.

It must be noted that while there is Absolute Evil, at the other end of the spectrum it is rare to find Absolute Good, for even the Gods themselves are said to have been ascended from mortals. And there has yet to be a mortal who has lived a life free from selfish motivation.
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