The Easting Reach: Our Sources

With extra information about areas in the module.
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The Easting Reach: Our Sources

Postby Kilaana » Mon Nov 16, 2015 9:10 pm

Let us begin by saying that The Easting Reach isn't the best server name we could have picked out of the possible options. The Easting Reach does not only describe Impiltur, it describes the neighbouring country - Thesk - too. It was preferred over "The Uplands", as that name indicates we would focus far beyond the coast. However, this server focuses on the coastal region above the Easting Coast but still below the Farwater. Our area of focus starts at just below Dilpur, and ends at Arn's Cove.

Impiltur has a very low amount of established official content. The Faerun Campaign setting only has one page dedicated to it, and another half of a page dedicated to it in the "Unapproachable East".

Luckily, Dragon #346 supplied a healthy dose of content to the region. However, a giant, and somewhat popular fanmade expansion named "The Northern Journey" arised, published digitally (for free) by the fellows at Candlekeep. We have decided not to follow exclusively the content written in "The Northern Journey" and instead use the limited lore supplied to us.

With that in mind, it does mean we get to develop the server more towards the limitations of the NWN engine, and of course we gain the freedom to improvise more. What this means to you as a player is that you will hear new stories and will discover new places that are not written about already. We would advice to take the opportunity to relish in the fact that not everything you encounter already has a metric ton of established lore behind it which you can easily access by opening a book. Instead, take the opportunity to expect the unexpected, and welcome the strange and the new with open arms.
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