Divine Characters

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Divine Characters

Postby Loreweaver » Mon Nov 16, 2015 4:08 pm

Before You Begin
Impiltur's main religion is that of the Triad (Tyr, Torm and Ilmater). While their temples are not strictly part of the government, nearly all important government figures were trained by these temples, often as paladin, and place great value on the opinions of its leaders. This has led to a series of laws which make life harder on other religions. The most notable laws are the one forbidding divine orders from gathering and operating in public, with the exception of their Most Holy Order of the Sacred Shrike, and the one forbidding divine servants of non-Triadic religions access to Impiltur without government approval.

Laws and you
Your character has a choice of entering the country illegally, risking banishment, or registering for a visum as normal. Servants of good and neutral deities are almost always welcome, particularly if they focus their efforts on converting non-Triadic Impilturans rather than tempting folk away from the state religion. Servants of evil deities are more often denied a visum, particularly if there is already a representative of their religion in the area or if the deity's portfolio is irrelevant to the common people.
The choice mainly determines whether or not you should try to keep a low profile. It's not really meant to limit what you can play. Similarly, there may be restrictions on displaying holy order symbols outside your temple's grounds, particularly if you travel with a fellow member of your order, but if you ignore them there's a decent chance nothing bad will happen until someone has cause to complain about it.

The application
There is no need for an application at this time. The old application is retained below for archiving purposes.
Note that the multiclass limitations on the druid, priest, monk and paladin do still apply: they cannot be mixed with eachother and the divine class must be the major class, that is, have at least 50% of the total levels at all times.
You'll find a template for the application below. If you play a Druid, Monk, Paladin or Priest, please fill it in and PM it to Kilaana or Loreweaver. Your application will be reviewed to make sure that your character's plans for the region are realistic and that they can properly live up to the responsibilities placed upon them by their deity. If there's a need for clarification or modification, you will receive a reply within 10 days. However, if you're confident there's nothing unusual in your application then feel free to start playing right away.
Note that Rangers do not count as Divine characters for this purpose, even though they gain access to divine spells. If your Divine Character is evil-aligned, please fill in an Evil application as well.
Divine character application (Druid, Monk, Paladin, Priest)

1. Please list your character information below:
Deity (+ any domains):
Starting attributes:
Final class combination:

2. Please describe your character in a single ten word sentence.

3. In your own words (25 or less), describe what it means to follow your character's chosen religion in daily life.

4. Describe your character's goals and how their success or failure is to be measured (up to 20 words each).

5. Please describe how your character came to be in Impiltur as a servant of their deity and how the recent Time of Troubles has affected their beliefs (up to 50 words).

6. Please provide any other information you feel is necessary to judge your character application (paladin's code, druidic oaths, monk's edicts, character background etc.)

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Re: Character Application: Divine

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Below you'll find a list of the most conventional deities and their regular domains. Classes which receive divine spells should not be more than one alignment step removed from their chosen deity's and both of a priest's domains should match their deity's.
There are rare exceptions to both of these rules. For instance, Mystra allows LN priests and Azuth's Illusion domain (not available here) could be represented as Trickery in certain cases, though trickery is not at the core of his dogma. Ask a DM about the possibilities.

Main Pantheon
Akadi (TN): Air; Travel; Trickery
Auril (NE): Air; Evil; Strife; Water
Azuth (LN): Knowledge; Law; Magic
Bahamut (LG): Air; Good; Luck; Protection
Beshaba (CE): Chaos; Evil; Luck; Retribution; Trickery
Chauntea (NG): Animal; Creation; Earth; Good; Plant; Protection
Cyric (CE): Chaos; Death; Destruction; Evil; Retribution; Strife; Time; Trickery
Deneir (NG): Good; Knowledge; Protection
Eldath (NG): Good; Healing; Plant; Protection; Water
Finder Wyvernspur (CN): Chaos; Charm; Sun
Garagos (CN): Chaos; Destruction; Strength; War
Gargauth (LE): Charm; Evil; Law; Trickery
Gond (TN): Creation; Earth; Fire; Knowledge
Grumbar (TN): Earth; Law; Strength; Time
Gwaeron Windstrom (NG): Animal; Good; Knowledge; Plant; Travel
Helm (LN): Knowledge; Law; Protection; Strength
Hoar (LN): Law; Retribution; Travel
Ilmater (LG): Good; Healing; Law; Strength; Strife
Istishia (TN): Destruction; Travel; Water
Jergal (LN): Death; Knowledge; Law; Strife; Time
Kossuth (TN): Destruction; Fire; Healing; Strife
Lathander (NG): Good; Prosperity; Protection; Strength; Sun
Lliira (CG): Chaos; Charm; Good; Knowledge; Prosperity; Protection; Travel
Loviatar (LE): Evil; Law; Retribution; Strength; Strife
Lurue (CG): Animal; Chaos; Good; Healing
Malar (CE): Animal; Chaos; Evil; Moon; Strength
Mask (NE): Charm; Evil; Prosperity; Luck; Trickery
Mielikki (NG): Animal; Good; Plant; Travel
Milil (NG): Charm; Good; Knowledge
Mystra (NG): Good; Knowledge; Magic; Time
Nobanion (LG): Animal; Good; Law; Strength
Oghma (TN): Charm; Knowledge; Luck; Travel; Trickery
Red Knight (LN): Knowledge; Law; Protection; War
Savras (LN): Knowledge; Law; Magic; Time
Selûne (CG): Chaos; Good; Moon; Protection; Travel
Shar (NE): Earth; Evil; Knowledge; Trickery
Sharess (CG): Chaos; Charm; Good; Travel; Trickery
Shaundakul (CN): Air; Chaos; Prosperity; Protection; Travel
Shiallia (NG): Animal; Good; Healing; Plant
Siamorphe (LN): Knowledge; Law; Prosperity
Silvanus (TN): Animal; Plant; Protection; Sun; Water
Sune (CG): Chaos; Charm; Good; Love; Protection
Talona (CE): Chaos; Destruction; Evil; Strife
Talos (CE): Air; Chaos; Destruction; Evil; Fire
Tempus (CN): Chaos; Protection; Strength; War
Tiamat (LE): Evil, Law, Retribution
Torm (LG): Good; Healing; Law; Protection; Strength
Tymora (CG): Chaos; Good; Luck; Protection; Travel
Tyr (LG): Good; Knowledge; Law; Retribution; War
Ulutiu (LN): Animal; Protection; Strength; Water
Umberlee (CE): Chaos; Destruction; Evil; Water
Uthgar (CN): Animal; Chaos; Retribution; Strength; War
Valkur (CG): Air; Chaos; Good; Protection; Water

Dwarf Pantheon
Abbathor (NE): Chaos; Evil; Prosperity; Luck; Trickery
Berronar Truesilver (LG): Good; Healing; Law; Love; Protection
Clangeddin Silverbeard (LG): Good; Law; Strength; War
Deep Duerra (LE): Earth; Evil; Law; War
Dugmaren Brightmantle (CG): Chaos; Creation; Good; Knowledge; Time
Dumathoin (TN): Creation; Earth; Knowledge; Prosperity; Protection
Gorm Gulthyn (LG): Good; Law; Protection; War
Haela Brightaxe (CG): Chaos; Good; Luck; War
Laduguer (LE): Creation; Earth; Evil; Law; Magic; Protection; War
Marthammor Duin (NG): Good; Protection; Travel
Moradin (LG): Creation; Earth; Fire; Good; Law; Protection
Sharindlar (CG): Chaos; Charm; Good; Healing; Moon
Thard Harr (CG): Animal; Chaos; Good; Plant
Vergadain (TN): Charm; Prosperity; Luck; Trickery

Halfling Pantheon
Arvoreen (LG): Good; Law; Protection; War
Brandobaris (TN): Luck; Travel; Trickery
Cyrrollalee (LG): Good; Law; Love
Sheela Peryroyl (TN): Air; Charm; Plant
Urogalan (LN): Death; Earth; Law; Protection
Yondalla (LG): Creation; Good; Law; Love; Prosperity; Protection

Gnomish Pantheon
Baervan Wildwanderer (NG): Animal; Good; Plant; Travel
Baravar Cloakshadow (NG): Good; Magic; Protection; Trickery
Callarduran Smoothhands (TN): Creation; Earth; Healing; Protection
Flandal Steelskin (NG): Creation; Earth; Fire; Good; Strength
Gaerdal Ironhand (LG): Good; Law; Protection; War
Garl Glittergold (LG): Charm; Good; Law; Prosperity; Protection; Trickery
Segojan Earthcaller (NG): Animal; Earth; Good
Urdlen (CE): Chaos; Death; Earth; Evil

Elven Pantheon
Aerdrie Faenya (CG): Air; Animal; Chaos; Good; Travel
Angharradh (CG): Chaos; Good; Knowledge; Plant; Protection; Sun
Corellon Larethian (CG): Chaos; Good; Magic; Prosperity; Protection; War
Deep Sashelas (CG): Chaos; Creation; Good; Knowledge; Protection; Water
Eilistraee (CG): Chaos; Charm; Good; Moon
Erevan Ilesere (CN): Chaos; Charm; Luck; Trickery
Fenmarel Mestarine (CN): Animal; Chaos; Plant; Travel
Hanali Celanil (CG): Charm; Good; Love; Magic; Protection
Labelas Enoreth (CG): Chaos; Good; Knowledge; Magic; Time
Rillifane Rallathil (CG): Air; Chaos; Good; Knowledge; Magic; Plant; Protection
Sehanine Moonbow (CG): Chaos; Death; Good; Knowledge; Magic; Moon; Travel; Trickery
Shevarash (CN): Chaos; Retribution; War
Solonor Thelandira (CG): Animal; Chaos; Good; Plant; War

Orc Pantheon
Bahgtru (CE): Evil; Law; Strength
Gruumsh (CE): Chaos; Evil; Retribution; Strength; War
Ilneval (NE): Destruction; Evil; Knowledge; War
Luthic (NE): Earth; Evil; Healing; Magic; Protection
Shargaas (CE): Chaos; Earth; Evil; Trickery
Yurtrus (NE): Death; Destruction; Evil; Strife

Mulhorandi Pantheon
Anhur (CG): Air; Chaos; Good; Strength; War
Geb (TN): Creation; Earth; Protection
Hathor (NG): Charm; Good; Moon
Horus-Re (LG): Good; Law; Retribution; Sun
Isis (NG): Air; Good; Love; Magic; Water
Nephthys (CG): Chaos; Good; Prosperity; Protection
Osiris (LG): Death; Good; Law; Plant; Retribution
Sebek (NE): Animal; Evil; Water
Set (LE): Air; Destruction; Evil; Law; Magic
Thoth (TN): Creation; Knowledge; Magic

Other deities
Bane (LE): - Cyric and Xvim provide Bane's priests with spells. Bane is absent from 1358 to 1372 DR.
Ibrandul (CN): Chaos; Earth; Protection; Travel - Shar provides Ibrandul's priests with spells. Ibrandul is dead since 1358 DR.
Iyachtu Xvim (LE): Evil; Law; Retribution; Strife - Xvim is active from 1369 to 1372 DR, though some sources suggest 1359 to 1372 instead.
Kelemvor (LN): - Kelemvor is active from 1368 DR onwards.
Leira (CN): Chaos; Magic; Trickery - Leira has been dead since 1358 DR, but some say it's an illusion.
Ubtao (TN): Animal; Law; Plant; Protection; Water - Ubtao is a Chultan deity, far across the world.
Velsharoon (NE): - Velsharoon is active from 1368 DR onwards.
Waukeen (TN): - Lliira provides priests with spells. Waukeen is absent from 1358 to 1370 DR, Lliira officially adopts priests in 1365.

Monstrous deities, including most of the Drow pantheon, are not considered suitable for PCs but may provide other creatures with spells and domain access.
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Re: Divine Characters

Postby Kilaana » Wed Feb 05, 2020 1:55 pm

As of September 2018, divine class applications are no longer required to play.
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