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Resting takes place through the Rest menu (R button).

Characters only can rest in designated resting areas. There are roughly three types.
  • Often, your best choice is an inn. While innkeepers charge coin, you can rest there every 30 minutes and will recover your HP and spells in full.
  • If you're away from civilization or don't have the coin to spend, your next best choice is resting in a camp in the wilderness. You can buy and deploy a camping kit to turn any wilderness area into a resting location for everyone until 24 hours pass or the server resets. You can rest once per 60 minutes in these areas, but your rest may be incomplete. A number of factors like the armour you sleep in, the food you carry, your Concentration and Survival skills, your Constitution and the possession of a Tent Kit affect your HP and spell recovery. If your recovery is poor, you may wake up with no spells in your highest level spell slots.
  • Your final choice is resting inside a dungeon. This is much like resting in the wilderness, but you can only rest once per 90 minutes and you need more positive effects to get the same level of recovery. At worst, you might wake up without spells in the slots of your two highest spell levels.
When you leave town, it's therefore wise to bring some supplies along. You won't need much more than basic equipment to camp in the wilderness, but getting a good night's sleep in a particularly scary dungeon may be a real challenge for some characters.

While resting, you might be ambushed by hostile creatures. If anyone in your party is awake, they will make a skill check to detect the creatures' approach before it's too late and the party is entirely surrounded.
Having elves in the party reduces the risk of an ambush in wilderness areas, though not in dungeons.

When you're playing a specialist wizard rather than a generalist wizard, you gain +1 spell slot per spell level as normal. However, if such a slot is not filled with a spell from your chosen school it will be empty after your rest.

If your rest is interrupted for any reason, such as a misclick, an ambush, or a manual cancelling to adjust your spell selection at the last moment, you can make one more attempt right away. If that also fails, you will have to wait 30+ minutes just as if you rested successfully.

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