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Negative HP
When a PC drops below 1 HP, they will be unable to more or act. The character gains a Sanctuary effect (DC = CHA, +2 if wearing a hood). This represents the likelihood that an attacker will dismiss the character as a threat and turns to other activities. They also begin to bleed, losing 1 HP per round until they either stabilize (there is a CON% chance this happens each round, +2 if wearing a helmet) or reach -10 HP. A stabilized PC heals 1 HP per round until they are back into positive values.
Healing spells and abilities can be used to increase a character's HP total, but they do not stabilize the character unless this increases HP to a positive value. A Healing Kit will always restore a downed character to positive HP, with no Heal check required.
You may treat PCs in the 0 - -9 HP range as conscious and in agony.

-10 HP
At -10 HP, a character loses consciousness. There are three ways to bring them back.
The first is pressing the Respawn button. A level 1 PC with free respawns may regain consciousness and mobility after a short wait. If they're not in a party, they respawn in Outentown and can immediately rest there, as if they had been found unconscious, rescued and cared for. Other characters can only respawn if there's an ally closeby who is not engaged in combat, and only if their Respawn ability is not on cooldown. Respawning, despite the name, should be considered little more than coming around after being beaten senseless.

If a character can't respawn, they may be considered either comatose or dead (your choice). A body placeable will spawn, allowing allies to bury the remains or carry them to an NPC priest with access to a Revive or Resurrection spell. The character itself will assume a spirit form, unable to interact much with the world.

Note that characters who adventure by themselves can't respawn (except using level 1's free respawns) and that it may be a while before they're found by someone willing to pay for their Revival. Although you're still at risk if the entire party is slain or routed, or if you keep pressing your luck while your Respawn ability is on cooldown, most corpses on the server today died alone.

Attribute loss and permadeath
Whenever a character Respawns, or far more often when they are Revived, there is a chance they permanently lose one point in a random attribute. When a character is Resurrected, all attribute points lost this way are restored. Both Revive and Resurrection do impose a 50% penalty on XP gain for several days, depending on how often the character was 'killed' while already in spirit form.

If a Respawn or Revive lowers one of your ability scores below 4, your character's body is no longer able to support life. This fate can be averted with the timely use of Resurrection or a Greater Restoration spell. A regular Restoration spell will restore the lost attribute points as well, but only as a temporary 24 hour effect, meant to let you function normally for a while.

It is said however that people can decide to ignore the call of a Revive or Resurrection spell and stay in the afterlife. If you feel your character died a good death, or that a monster should have eaten your remains, or simply that returning to life makes your character less fun to play, nothing stops you from claiming it's permanent.

Instead of reviving a corpse, it can also be buried in wilderness areas. Mechanically, this is mainly an aesthetic choice, since the corpse can be exhumed at any time.

Spirit Form
While in spirit form, your character can't move out of the area which contains their body. If someone is carrying the body, the spirit will automatically follow it. Spirits are ignored by most of the world, but they are capable of limited interaction - for instance, they can engage in combat, set off a trap or get caught in Area of Effect powers. Spirits cannot pick up items, but can drop items from their inventory (except items they had equipped on death). This allows them to drop healing supplies, coins and the like for others who try to loot the remains. It's a voluntary act, you don't drop anything on death but what you choose to.
Memories gained while in spirit form are lost when the character is returned to life. For that reason, ghostly characters gain no XP.

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