Reputation, Tithes & Notes & Other Commands

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Reputation, Tithes & Notes & Other Commands

Postby Kilaana » Wed Mar 29, 2017 3:22 pm

Use these voice commands to assist with your roleplay:

@rep - use this to let DMs know when you think another PC did something particularly noteworthy, gaining or costing them reputation.

@note - use this to log in RP notes pertaining to your character or others that you'd like DMs to be aware of. e.g. "Thorin discovered a mysterious carving he believed to be of his patron god, and knelt for hours after dusk before it in silent contemplation." Notes do not affect reputation.

@roll - This is your dicebag. Use "@roll 10" to roll a d10, "@roll STR" to make a strength attribute check, "@roll reflex" for a reflex save check, "@roll arcana" for a Knowledge: Arcana skill check and so on.

@lower - followed by a character trait, an amount and a duration, this makes your PC weaker for a time. Abilities, saves and skills work just as with the @roll command but can also be lowered as a group. Other options include speed, damage, ab, ac and sr.

@unidentify - this marks an item as Unidentified. Identifying an item often costs money.

@equip - attempts to equip an unidentified item. Cursed items may be impossible to remove without magic.

@work - allows your PC to earn a few coins by working for an NPC.

@tithe - use this to make a donation to NPCs. It can also be used to pay in-game taxes and other transactions that are not normally done through an NPC merchant.
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