The @work system

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The @work system

Postby Kilaana » Wed Mar 29, 2017 3:24 pm

To offer an alternate means of earning an income besides an adventuring lifestyle, players have the option of using the @work command.

It is used any time your character should have income from regular employment, whether it's as city guard, scribe, landlord, dogwalker, and so on. While it won't make you rich, it's safe and the amounts earned slowly increase with time and use.

How does it work?

Follow the in-game instructions to set up your character for work in an area with the NPC of your choice.

Your character is expected to be active when @work is applied. Emoting using text, moving around the work-area count towards this. Since @work is not a substitute for being AFK, your character is checked for AFK-ness every 6 minutes.

If he has been active, coin is added to the purse. If not, then nothing is earned. If you've been active for 10 checks without stopping @work (but not necessarily in a row), your character makes an attribute roll to see if bonus coin is added to his total. Depending on your luck there, it usually takes 2-3 hours to reach your daily cap, which starts at 30 cp and increases with a further 3 cp per @work level. The system should allow you to move one area away from your @work place, although there have been cases reported of this not working.

Characters will gradually level up their @work skill so they can make more than 30 cp/day, but mainly the taxes they pay are priced according to their means. We only use a fixed sum for characters so they can be bought without DM intervention and thorough review of character's revenues. You can sleep in the wilds, do not need to eat or drink or buy clothes etc., and so they can make up to 2700 cp in a game year.

For the Civilian/Non-Adventurer Character

Here's a little maths. If you want to use the system as your only source of income and skip dungeoneering, you'll have earned about 10000 cp in the first six months (and 134 torntar in 30 years). Dungeoneering goes a lot quicker, of course, but there is also the high risk that puts you in line for 10000 cp for your restoration.

Since most players won't put in the time to grind @work, this a system which can offer a few coins safely when they've nothing better to do (e.g. they're waiting for a party to form so they can adventure, so might as well pick up a few coins on the side) or had a lot of misfortune and can't afford to go adventuring anymore (basically, it's a safety net).

Future Improvements

The @work system is by no means perfect.
Improvements such as more flexiblity in what constitutes a work area, higher earnings and a more engaging roleplay experience during @work are some of the things the team is looking to implement in the future.
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