Impilturan taxes & licenses

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Impilturan taxes & licenses

Postby Kilaana » Thu Dec 31, 2015 2:37 pm

When interpreting a generally lawful setting such as Impiltur, expect to be subject to the economic comings and goings of the land one way or another. Your characters may spend their hard-earned coin on taxes and licenses. They don't have to pay taxes - no one's going to check as long as they don't attract attention - but there's no better way to avoid trouble than to buy the support of the law. Taxes and licenses add legitimacy to your activities.

The following taxes and licenses are available. Prices may be subject to change.
Pure taxes wrote:
Feudal taxes cost 150 cp and, if called upon, one full month of service. They require you swear fealty to an Impilturan lord.
This grants you the Impilturan nationality, with full protection under your lord's guard and law. This includes the right to invoke the Lord's Mercy if food and employment can't be found through other means and the right to invoke the Lord's Justice for a retrial if a smaller court has ruled against you.

Commoners' taxes cost 250 cp. You must be Impilturan and residing in or near the forest you wish to make use of.
This grants you rights of pasture, grazing, panning, piscary, marling, turbary and/or estovers, dependant upon the local forest and the appointed seasonal restrictions.

Citizenship taxes cost 500 cp. You must be Impilturan and residing in the city you wish to be a part of.
This grants you citizenship of the chosen city. This exempts you from the month of service in the Feudal tax as well as from road and bridge tolls levied by the city. You have the right to sanctuary behind city walls and may take part in the election of a council of local representatives.

Property taxes cost 750 cp. You must be Impilturan and have ownership of a building on Impilturan soil.
This grants you permission to use the soil for that purpose, to collect rent on the building and modify it. You are expected to maintain the building to the quality of those around it.

Corporate taxes cost 1500 cp. You must be Impiltuan and have (fiscal) ownership of a business.
This grants permission to hire employees from outside your family (up to twice removed) for a period of more than one month in the year. Businesses maintaining only one unrelated employee are exempt from this tax.

Exclusivity taxes cost 5000 cp. You must be Impilturan and have (fiscal) ownership of a guild or other organization.
This grants permission to monopolize a product or trade within the region. Any conflicts are to be resolved before Tyr.
Renewable licenses wrote:
A pet license costs 25 cp. It grants permission to keep ip to 5 adult animals for purposes of territorial protection and pest control. You will be accountable for the actions of your pets.

A farming license cost 25 cp. You must be Impilturan to obtain one. It grants you and your familly permission to exploit up to 30 acres of suitable land to grow produce.

A market license cost 50 cp. It allows you to sell wares at a market on market days.

An exotic animal license costs 75 cp. It permits you to keep up to 2 exotic or endangered animals. You are responsible for both the safety and behaviour of these animals.

A protection license costs 100 cp. It allows you to employ up to 6 armed men for security purposes. You are responsible for their conduct and must ensure they act within the law.

An arms license costs 150 cp. It grants permission to carry exposed weapons in public. This applies to all edged and piercing weapons greater than knife-size, with the exception of tools visibly intended for a specific, non-violent purpose.

A medical license costs 150 cp. It grants permission to recruit and treat patients for all ailments.

A proselytization license costs 300 cp. It grants permission to promote a non-Triadic deity and to bestow divine blessings upon those who seek them.

An arcane profession license costs 500 cp. It grants permission to publically practice and profit from arcane magics within the confines of decency and law.

An archeological license costs 500 cp. It grants permission to seek out, own and study Impilturan artifacts. New discoveries and changes of ownership must be registered. When the license is not renewed, ownership of the artifacts returns to the crown.
Single licenses wrote:
A funeral license costs 50 cp. It allows you to organize a ceremony and inter the deceased in a suitable location. Any possessiosn of those buried without a license default to the crown.

An adoption license costs 150 cp. It allows you parental rights over a single orphan at least ten years your junior.

A wedding license costs 200 cp. It allows you to organize a ceremony and legally binds yourself to another person so you may start a family together.

A festival license costs 250 cp. It allows you to organize a festival lasting a single day, including the use of a public square.

A separation license costs 1000 cp. It invalidates a wedding license. In good tradition, all possessions will be divided equally.
To obtain them, they would have to visit the nearest tax office, like the Royal Census and Property office in Sarshel for example. With the exception of Single Licenses, which either last a day or for all eternity, these are valid for a period of 3 months (real life), translating to one year in-game.

Some of these forms need to be filled in with additional input, like the name of the lord to whom your PC swears fealty. We understand that many players will not be aware of their options, let alone their PCs. There is a list of lords and ladies in the Player Guides forum to consult, but feel free to contact a DM with any questions.
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