Loot - Absence (Shifter PC)

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Loot - Absence (Shifter PC)

Postby OldGrouch » Mon Dec 14, 2015 2:29 pm

Good afternoon,

In regards to our earlier conversation, this post is to follow up on those issues and give the facts and findings.

Valkoínen Uldric, a Shifter PC has since roughly the beginning of December been bugged when it comes to finding loot. This has not been an issue before he reached his Shifter classes. He can find entirely empty containers, either when shifted or in his basic form, making no difference whether he entered a dungeon as a specific form or not, nor accessing containers in a specific form. The other PCs I've tested this with, in different as well as the same dungeons, are Anzair and Sagi. Neither has any problem of the sort, and can find both the new and old items, in both new and old dungeons.

My latest test with Valky revealed that he too can find the new and old items, be it junk or weapons, but other containers in the dungeon were still empty, leading me to believe it may also be specific containers that have this issue. I shall test around a bit more with the different PCs, to see what the differences are among them and let you know.

Dungeons I've tested thus far, have been the ant-cemetary, the 'crabclaw haven' pirate camp (a new area far south), the spider-caves just north of Vlasta, the undead-ruins just west of the royal road caravan spawnpoint. I have not heard this to be an issue when he travelled with other parties, but since he is often shifted I tend to let them do the picking up and carrying, which may be the reason I've never heard any complaints.

Thank you once again for the attention, and all the hard work. It is much appreciated.



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Re: Loot - Absence (Shifter PC)

Postby Loreweaver » Mon Dec 14, 2015 4:35 pm

Thanks. A temporary fix should be active now, a more permanent one with the next script update.

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